monday 08/04/2013

Bought thank to 0-BlackSoul

Pfull posts aren't allowed in the forums so hope you get soem offers before the subject is closed smiley

Only cash
mp for offerts smiley

Also have Nahi Cr, please send your offers!

I will add another 50k cash

Cash, 13 Beeboy 0xp and 16 Maciej are still avaiables
now i'm still interested at: :Lehane , Brianna, T Gaank, Gil Graff e Randal

i'm looking for a Tanaereva Cr (full xp) = 195k.
I offer : Alec Cr full + Kreen Cr full + 30k = around 200k
Trading with the secure trade tool

Interested in Beltran Cr 0xp?

Still looking smiley

Done thanks

Let's trade kawa against my olga, hawkins and crassus 0px (10-20*)

You are interessing for bulk of naele 0xp? smiley


I offer :
- Lady 0 xp
- Naele 0 xp
+ Zinfrid/Sekutor/or Selina 0 xp

vs only Virginia 0 xp !
I hope find !

Not looking for non playable crs , cards worth 100k+ smiley

Find beltran cr full, looking for selsya cr full.

I want to trade Dorian for Ahkab + Miss Lizbeth. The market value almost same: 28K vs 24k + 4k
Please PM me.

Willing to do 45k in trade for the ongh interested in 3 Virginia or 6 Beeboy smiley for both of them

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