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sunday 30/06/2013

PM me if you're interested

Adept-TCA - Imperator - Time Conquers All
Yesterday at 23:06
Miss Twice Cr full xp + Ombre Cr full xp

I'm not intersted at ombre smiley

Myeltd - Legend - E X C A L I B U R
Yesterday at 23:15
I'll give you 410k ctz for it (current average market price is hovering around 415).

maybe yes smiley

saturday 29/06/2013

I just want a Thomas and Sasha

Wee Lee is gone

These cards need a good home smiley

I want to trade my lizbeth for Kalindra of Frozn, or sell her for 38k pm me please. Shes on the market so this off is limited time only

No thanks. I have had better offers than that and turned them down. smiley

I have 48 to sell at 4600 each, a few 0xp.

I can sell the lot for 215k or card equivalent

Please pm me with offers, thanks.

◘Looking For:
-Clintz (Market Only)
-Bulk cards worth over 20000 clintz
-Playable and unplayable collectors

◘Cards I'm interested in:
-Nahi Cr
-Elya Cr
-Sigmund Cr
-Thatmaturge Cr
-Tanaereva Cr
Will possibly accept others.

Please contact me if you would like to make an offer.


Actually i withdraw my lot

Looking to trade my ongh for

pm me for deals

- 28 chiara cr

25k in ms ps

Reserve met this auction is closed early smiley


I am looking for Sah Brinak 0xp (11k)

For this I can purpose to you some 0xp cards:

1 Beeboy => 1 Sah Brinak (3 times)
1 Olga => 1 Sah Brinak (5 times)
1 Kolos => 3 Sah Brinak (3 fois)
1 Ray + 1k => 1 Sah Brinak (9 times)
1 X-0DUS => 2 Sah Brinak (10 times)
1 Shaakarti => 1 Sah Brinak (6 times)
1 Dregn => 3 Sah Brinak (2 times)
1 Robb Cr + 3k => 4 Sah Brinak (1 times)
1 Tanaereva Cr + 15k => 20 Sah Brinak (1 times)

Trades in Secure Exchange

PM me thanks smiley

I trade that lots for CRs, cash or some cards, i listen aall the offers.

577 desmond 0exp 1,9k each!
140 lucy 0exp 4,8k each!
120 qorah 0exp 1,2k each!
6 michael 0exp 20k each!

Thanks a lot smiley contact me whit mp smiley

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