thursday 30/05/2013

Complete smiley

As posted I would like to trade my oxp Numar for your Copper, Havok and Chloe. PM or set up a private trade smiley

Hi, If you want to make an auction thread you need to list the cards and the end time of the auction.

Though if you make an auction using the auction tools and page then you shouldn't make a thread as people who want to know about it can find it .

Thank you booby you generous man smiley

You have already created an auction, another thread is not permitted smiley

wednesday 29/05/2013

9 0xp
rest of them are full

looking for 263k~ worth of clints/cards
at price of 5.6k each

As posted, I would like to trade my 0exp kolos for your hikiyousan AND Wee Lee

Secure change smiley

Belladone , Hendz , Ksendra , Minerva , Simeon , Vanish .
Price negotiable.

I listen offers

For lady i can value also offer with cr unplayables smiley

Trading 10 full rescue clan (no crs) all of them 0xp

im looking to trade them as 1 lot and im looking for 1.1M in cards or 1.05M in clintz

pm me offers
thanks mods

As posted, I would like to trade my Kolos for your Jane Ramba Cr, please PM

tuesday 28/05/2013

Looking to trade for a Tanaereva Cr which I value at 200K, below you will find my proposed offer:

10x Lady (all 0 exp) - 18K a head
20K clintz

Contact me if you are interested and would like to negotiate or accept the deal. Pm for faster response.

Complete smiley

Sold, close please mods

Depends if they are in the same cost

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