thursday 04/04/2013

Got what I wanted closing thanks all


Uhh ok?

if the compliment is too small, plz state your prefered compliment!

He is my dream card but I have to sell him for other equally awesome stuff lol

Wtf it won't let me post it in the FR board can someone post this there for me?

J'ai plusieurs cartes au commerce pour votre Kawamashi Cr toute exp i les valoriser à 4k une tête
shaw femme cr 0 exp 740k - 185 Kawamashi Cr toute exp
aldeberan 560k cr exp 0 à 140 0 exp Kawamashi Cr toute exp
Plein Kalindra - 20 kawamashi
Ongh plein - 10 Kawamashi Cr
slyth cr - 9 Kawamashi Cr
0 Hawk exp + 1k = 3 Kawamashi Cr toute exp (je peux faire ce métier 23 fois)
h ou un message ici si grâce intrested
3 0 exp Kenny Cr + 3k= 30 Kawamashi Cr 0 exp

Ooops i thought i posted this in the french i already posted the thread up here sorry guys

wednesday 03/04/2013

2 remain, cross out Oflgn, Shann, Dregn, Elvis, Beeboy of my wanted list smiley

Not a big sale at all
Drewe in with the title yet disappointed by the content

I am looking for Ambrose Cr 350K and Tessa Cr 550K = 900K at all.

I offer :
-20 XU52 0 xp (20X13K) =>260K
-10 Sah Brinak 0 xp (10X22K) =>220K
-20 Lady 0 xp (20X18K) =>360K
+2 Jane Ramba Cr full xp =>60K
+ 20 000 clintz cash
+ Naele 0 xp =>12K

total : 932K in secure trade smiley
if u sell it on the market u lost 5% of 900K so pm me if u are interested smiley

thx in advance, smiley

Splata Cr price now at 480k smiley
I'll sell for 470k cash smiley
I also accept Bulk of Beeboy 0xp ( each at15k) smiley

Please give an example of cards that you would accept as trade smiley

Beeboy - 15k
Brampah - 220
Brampah Noel - 90
Chill - 5 400
Kreen 56 000
Sylth - 36 800

Soory i found 1 other person for miss twice

Little discount about market price smiley

tuesday 02/04/2013

I am trading my tessa cr full for which i value at 550k for:

Vickie cr full 440k
caelus cr 100k

If they are 0xp i could add to the trade

Pm me for faster responce

Selling my Cr's for Clintz. Trades can be negotiated.

Diyo Cr - 69,000 clintz
Seldnor Cr - 80,000 clintz
Page Cr - 78,000 clintz

Please PM me. Again, willing to negotiate trades for other Cr's or cards.

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