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monday 12/05/2014

sunday 11/05/2014

•NOBODY smiley

Send me PM with a good price


I'm looking to sell or trade my Kalindra cr lvl 3. I value her at around 152k

I want either cash or playable cards!

Please, pm me for a faster response smiley

Thanks mods! smiley

Sorry, not 50k, 30k.

I want to buy Michael for 29 k , plzz send to my private sales and pmme

Hi, I look for some lamar cr 0xp, I estimate them 600k/head !

I have for trade :

- 2 Vickie Cr full (575k)
- 19 Copper Cr 0xp (95k)
- 22 Lizbeth 0xp (64k)
- 45 Vermaire 0xp (11k)
- 60 Vektor 0xp (5k)
- 100 Curlix 0xp (13k)

Contact me by pm ! smiley


My General cr full (9M) + 26 zatman 0xp (39k/each) for Dj korr cr (10M )

I'm trading my Kalindra (152k) for your piranas.
Mainly looking for Dahlia Cr and nice compliment, Bloodh, Lizbeth, Akhab, Hawkins, I'll take what u got but be serious.
If you wish to trade pm me and we'll work something out, I got also other frozen cards.

B Bazooka (Full XP/0XP/Any XP) - 3600

Cards for trade (If you want):

Kenny Cr (0XP)
Rhed Cr

►Lao Cr [840,000 clz]
►Tessa Cr [850,000 clz]
☮CARDS [20,000 clz +]

0 Spycee

saturday 10/05/2014

All 0xp Kamekun and 0xp Mok are gone.

Thank you for 570k merci. closed.

I have 35 Qubik 0 xp. I am asking for 8.5k per head.

Trade will be done by private sale.

Sorry I meant to write 23.5k per head for my Chiara 0 xp.

Sabia has left. I have done searching. If you still have Graks, I might still take but the following offer or the initial offer will not be available.

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