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thursday 18/07/2013

Stays in me some more of cash

Thanks all...bye bye

For all my cr : marlysa full+tessa full+cash/kerozinn/vickie/lamar

8,3M in secure exchange means 8,71M ....at the market guru is at 8,25M .....why should i lose 500k ? xD

Sorry manfred but i'm poor xD

Elite.. pm smiley

I always think without posting, and nothing bad has happened as of yet smiley

I misunderstood nothing Cyber. I meant what I say and I don't regret it.

Good luck! smiley

I rate the paper 226000
exchange for the cards of the same value

To the active spot

wednesday 17/07/2013

Salut a tous j'echange 200 naele 0exp (8.5k/t)

je suis interessè a :

tanaereva cr 0exp 200k a tete
jackie cr 0exp 130k a tete

mais j'evalue tous les offerte avec des cr jouables

il tous dans ES,


I currently have offers on them for
clintz: 16.5k (4*) and 17k (1*)
as for trades i'm looking for cards of same value not bulk, i will trade him for like 1-3 cards if the value is relatively =. my main clans are gheist, nightmare, vortex, freaks, however i will consider other clans cuz i want to branch out to other ones as well. i appreciate fair offers, and will take serious offers into consideration

735 k value my armanda cr 0xp

Thanks jess, like i said to u in mp, if u want we can negociate, because actually your offer is lowsmiley

What would you charge in straight cash for vickie cr?

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