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tuesday 25/06/2013

Don't be afraid xaxax

25 Hammer 19k each slightly under market

Yes thanks i already take contact with this player smiley

Good luck theresmiley 5 characters that fluctuate like crazy against a whole clan

Selsya --> Miss Twice, and Chad Bread Cr smiley

And my 30k

Im looking for
Jackie Cr full xp
Tsubame full xp
Dregn full xp
Wardom full xp

Looking to sell this lot of 10 gil all 0xp for 21k each

im looking for clintz but will hear out trade offers

Kiki Cr ? complement: 800k

Trade my:
2 Hendz 0xp, 2 Roger 0xp, 3 Sabia 0xp, 1 Belladone 0xp, 2 Malicia 0xp, 2 Flora 0xp, 1 Simeon 0xp, 2 Plunk 0xp, 7 Dave 0xp, 1 Krung 0xp, 2 Sekutor 0xp, 2 stanly 0xp, 1 marty 0xp

Looking for:
Akendram, Niva, Nobrodroid, Haze, Emeth, Griezzo, Mona, Lilly, Arno, Ratanah, Shakra, Noodile Cr, Oraya

Sum Sam and Scarlett 0xp X Marlysa, Kero, Elya and SeldnorCr

Squirtroll + 2009

Selling Lao Cr [Full] for 720k
-Clintz only
-Only offers sent through PM will be considered
-Sale is done through private sale

monday 24/06/2013

Im searching for a Splata Cr.

I am willing to offer:

- Kerozinn Cr ( 0xp or full )
- 4x Kalindra ( 0xp or full )
( kalindra's could be exchange for others cards just pm )

If u are interested or have a question about the deal just message me,

Thanks Modssmiley

I'm looking for Tessa Cr
I offer Tanaereva Cr,Caelus Cr,Jim Cr +100k
pm me

8 0 exp haaken for each marco cr 0 exp

Level Eebiza for sale for 5k

Selling ARNO for 6k P< if you are interested

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