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friday 19/07/2013

I have 10 0 exp kerozinn cr i value them at 430k a head
i also have a 0 exp marly which i value at 1.25m
i can trade this lot for a lyse teria cr full xp ( i will add a 400k comp)
cards i'm interested in are
jackie cr 125/130k
caelus cr 95/100k a head
tanaerava cr 200k/205k a head
graksmxxt 38k a head
uranus 18k a head
other non cr's over 19k or other playable cr's that are over 300k
pm works best smiley

Thanks smiley

As the title suggests I am selling my Melissa Cr 0xp. My asking price is 240k clintz via secure exchange.

PM me for the fastest response. smiley Thanks all.

Please use the Tactics and Strategy: General forum smiley

I've decided to change it a bit, now looking exclusively for kerozinn and offering a complement of fifty-five thousand clintz (which, is essentially a thirty-thousand clint profit).

Hi everyone,
Today I searching some Malicia 0xp, I take them for 1000 Clintz in private sale !


Rescue is left looking now for all stars

thursday 18/07/2013

Haha I don't wanna part with anything else, just decided to throw those out there smiley

Add complement and trade is done

Skullface has gone.

My tanaereva 0xp for one tanaereva full + 5/10k in card or clinz
i can also accept other good offers.

Security trade , For contact pm me

Stays in me some more of cash

Thanks all...bye bye

For all my cr : marlysa full+tessa full+cash/kerozinn/vickie/lamar

8,3M in secure exchange means 8,71M ....at the market guru is at 8,25M .....why should i lose 500k ? xD

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