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sunday 09/02/2014

Trade succesfull

No thanks looking for skittle but more than that

When ever i show the Noctezuma, people ignore everything else smiley

so once these are sold then i will sell the noctezuma smiley

I up the price of curlix for 11k smiley

I dont care , if you need something you open a trade
if you dont know what you need, buy random stuff off the market, as Thoazol has said.

There should be a close topic icon right there on the screen smiley

No sorry 23 are ok

I trade my Tessa Cr for Lamar Cr and Jackie Cr

send me private message, hurry !!!


Can we please make more detailed post that offer potential buyers/sellers information that is useful

the second you say NO to another player with things for sale... then you are not in the market to buy 'anything'

Peeler has been sold

for sale:
Deea 1900
Kawan 1000
Qorah 1300
Haze 24100
Herman 5400
Hikiyousan 17000

saturday 08/02/2014

Hello guys

i sell:
3x Sylth Cr 39k a cad
Vektor 0xp 10k
Shaakarti 0xp 14k
Dagg 0xp 21k
2x C Beast 0xp 5k a cad
3x Stella 0xp 5k a cad
GraksmxxT 0xp 45k
2x Shann 0xp 21k a cad
Vermyn N 0xp 33k
Spyke 0xp 25k
Olga 0xp 11k
Rolph 0xp 10k
tot 350k

vickie cr
lamar cr


The normal market is better suited for this... that is where people are putting cards up for sale

pm jamox directly if you want to sell him anything


11 Zack 0xp and 16 Moegura 0xp

for your Yayoi, Taylor and Trish

2 messages

all the kephren (1.05k/e)
all the parmabarb (6.5k/e)

in my ps

Thanks wasteroftime and i know i will close this subject and open a new one when he will rise


please post what you are after.

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