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tuesday 16/07/2013

Armanda cr for exchange or sell, PM me

I trade my mechakolos for striker + zatman

Estimate Chiara Cr 0 xp?

Armanda cr 0xp 780k for trade 760k cash
ambrose cr 0xp 340k trade 320k cash
lao cr full 690k for trade 670k cash
melissa cr 240k trade 225k cash
skullface 220k trade 200k cash
i'm only searching marlysa cr full and tessa cr full ,no lots but i could accept other card as vickie cr, lamar cr or other cr ^__smiley__^ the offer in pv

Flat price for both in clintz for outright purchase pls...

Tessa=580k lao=680k it isn't more

I have armanda 0xp lao full ambrose 0 xp skullface full and melissa full

I want

Berzerk Cortez
Junkz Rowdy
Rescue Kerry
Ulu Watu Oraya

I give

All Stars Alexei Miss Jessie
Bangers Lennox
Berzerk Lola (2) Lizzy
Fang Pi Clang Shizawa
Freaks Hula Madelone Wolfgang
Frozn Haaken Stompah Bankee Sah Brinak Tsuka
GHEIST Ksendra (3) Lin Xia
Jungo Adler
Junkz Stiko Neil Eebiza Otakool
La Junta Python Thormund Burger Dacote Laura
Montana Angelo
Nightmare Azel Edwin
Piranas Taljion Sheryl
Rescue Glosh Gordon
Roots Burdock Kiki
Skeelz Corvus Dr Falkenstein
Ulu Watu Daddy Jones Gaia Noel
Uppers Rubie
Vortex T Gaank C Wing Krung Qorah

Trading my 0xp zatman for zatman full + 3-4k
pm me fast

I'd rather have my clintz fast, which is why my offer is mechakolos for 0xp marco and 13k.

Complements on swidz and caelus reduced to three thousand clintz, and the one on kerozinn is reduced to ten thousand. All else remains unchanged. smiley

General cr vs your guru cr ?

monday 15/07/2013

Threads regarding credit purchases should be sent to the support team. They will be able to help you. You can contact support here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/staff/contactus.php

I have a kero 0xpsmiley

Jackie cr 0 exp 130k
caelus cr - 100k
my 3 jackie cr 0 exp + 10k for your 4 caelus cr
i can do this trade about 5 times

I will for the last kalindra all the money i have which is 30129 clintz smiley

Wrong section! XD

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