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sunday 23/06/2013

Lool I have seen but you are vanished mate...
Just sold smiley

Hi people of UR,
I am looking to buy Liu of All Stars for 4,465 clintz as that's all I have at the moment :/
Thanks smiley

saturday 22/06/2013

Aleister are 415 each now, all the full xp Jean are sold.

3 robb cr 0 exp + 1 jackie cr 0 exp
blaaster cr 0 exp + 45k = jackie cr
smokey cr marco cr edd cr and shakra full = jackie cr
25 x haaken 0 exp = jackie cr
105 haaken 0 exp = 4 jackie cr 0 exp
pm or post here for more info smiley

Lol squirt is selling 750 eebiza at 4k a head smiley

Rad gone

kolos + compliment to your robb cr

Do you take eebiza

Anyone ?

gusta la pista.

Pm me asap or you might not get a better deal.

I have to trade are
4x Spyke all 0xp
1x Lady 0xp
1x X-odus 0xp

4 robb cr - 160k
blaaster cr 0 exp - 80k
smokey cr 55k
edd cr 20k
30 0 exp haaken 150k
115k cash
total 580k

friday 21/06/2013

- 1 Krung 0xp
- 1 Naele 0xp
- 1 Virginia 0xp
- 1 Daddy Jones 0xp

Looking for:
Akendram, Niva, Nobrodroid, Haze, Emeth, Griezzo, Mona, Lilly, Arno, Ratanah, Shakra, Noodile Cr, Oraya, Shaakarti, Dagg

Selling Lyse Teria Cr 0xp for 6500k by secure trade.
Or trade Lyse Teria Cr for cash (3000k min) + playable Cr's.
Not interested in lots or bulks.
Send offer by PM for faster response.
Ty smiley

C'mon dridoune...

63x Treeman 0xp

I value the lot at 36k, negotiable.
I'm looking mainly for cash or trading my lot + complement for either Dalhia Cr or Smokey Cr.
I'm open to other trade offers.

PM for responses

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