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thursday 20/06/2013

Looking for a quick sale... so 520k cash will be ample, or equivalent in cards or cr's (preferably jackie cr, tanaereva cr, miss twice cr, jim cr, nahi cr and beltran cr)

Please pm me

Only cash ? tanaereva cr + veenyl cr

Trading this cr lot

4 robb 0xp
2 caelus 0xp
1 blaaster 0xp
1 edd full
1 smokey full
1 marco full

valued at 585k at the moment

looking for

jackie 0xp


frozn card lots.. no stompah

post here or pm for offers/queries


No longer need toro and chloe no longer have dorian, kolos and la cobra

I can give any of these cards(combination)
Copper Full (Value 25k)
Ahkab Full (Value 14k)
Wee Lee Full (Value 17k)
Yayoi Full (Value 22k)
Gil Full (Value 11k)
Send me a personal messagesmiley

Pretty sure Dolly 0xp should be around 300c each

Im selling theses lots
will not break lots up and looking for clintz but i will entertain trade offers

lot 1 : 20x 0xp cassandra 5k each

lot 2 : 10 x 0xp don 7k each

lot 3 : 10x willy 0xp 9k each

lot 4 : 12 x 0xp maurice 7k each

lot 5 : 12 x 0xp hefty 7k each

lot 6 : 25x 0xp arnie 7.5k each

pm me offers

Numar is 28500
Edd Cr is 21k and Griezzo is 9k you need to provide complimend

You have to buy credits or complete an offer for free credits.and this is not the place to post thissmiley

50 jackie cr 0 xp for UP smiley

My one is in 295k.... not pad_padro or maxaguiris smiley

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