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sunday 14/07/2013

Lol i was confused when i saw this thought i was in the wrong forum section but instead it is you

^ lol no thanks

Are you adding a comp to make the trades equal?

Why do I keep forgetting when auctions finish smiley

Congratulations to Bojax! smiley

Sold sorry can't close phone

Sold sorry can't close on phone

I'm selling 200 Naele 0xp for 7400/each

All in private sale.


saturday 13/07/2013

2.5m cash
marlysa cr 0 exp 1.25m
vickie 3 * 0 exp 440k
vickie 4 * 0 exp 430k
skull face 0 exp 200k
skull face 2 * 200k
sigmund 3* 0 exp 500k
scarlett cr 0 exp 1.1m
tanerava cr 4 * 0 exp - 200k
alec cr 3* 0 exp - 150k
caelus cr 4* 0 exp - 100k
jackie cr full - 125k
jackie 3 * 0 exp - 130k
10 jackie cr 0 exp - 1.3m
total 8.595m

Buy lyse teria for 6M in cash please contact me in private

Hi everyone I want to trade or sell my sum Sam cr 0xp. To give it away I ask 1.250.000 clintz. I accept crs and cash but I consider all your offers. Contact me in private please.

Wanna shift this quickly, so 80k will be ample, or card equivalent.
No bulks of stuff worth less than 10k smiley

Place offers wherever. Thanks.

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