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saturday 14/12/2013

As the title suggests I sell or exchange Ombre cr 0 exp that I rate 265k

Thanks Zachary smiley

Looking for hedmall and Caelus cr and Michael and chaira cr and jay

Hello i sell 90 deea 0exp which i value each deea at 2300
PM for faster response
Have a nice day

friday 13/12/2013

GraksmxxT + Uranus + Hawkins for Chiara Cr + Emeth Cr + 5k ?

You have the trade for the leviatonnsmiley

Place them in my PS for 20k each ! Buying all ! Have bulk ? PM me. smiley

100 0xp Esmeralda
4.2k each in trade
4k clintz

looking for playable crs

Mod/admin please close already made the deal...thanks (^-^)

thursday 12/12/2013

Ill buy fulls for 7k and 0xp for 7.5k

put in my PS or Send St if interested

pms work best for negotiationsmiley

I also can offer:
20x Cortez 0xp
Splata Cr 0xp 725k
and many others

I pay 1100 Clintz per Zoid
Or 10 Zoid for 11,100 Clintz.

Please secure trade me or Private sale me, thanks

Hi everybody i sell 3 jackie all 0exp for 170k eaxh..thaaaaanx

My General Cr 0exp for your Guru Cr + 25k

MP me smiley

Gg Livi Gg

Hello I search General Cr, I'm french player

I propose

Lyse Teria Cr 0xp : 6M
19 GraksmxxT 0xp : 40K/T so 760K
7 Charlie 0xp : 40K/T so 280K
46 Cutey 0xp : 2500/T so 115K
36 Brok 0xp : 4500/T so 162K
250K cash


PM/MP me smiley


Je souhaite vendre 9 noctezuma 0exp que j'estime à 405k
Moyen de transaction: ES ou VP

A vos offres.

Crowen 0xp its 820 ctz in Market !

One each stooge 0xp 700 ctz
For 10 stooge 0xp 710 ctz
For 50 stooge 0xp 750 ctz
For 100x stooge 780 ctz each

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