saturday 18/05/2013

Ok lyse teria cr is sold. Close the post.

Close please. Thanks again!

Looking for 0xp.

600.000 cash + Beltran Cr full ( 197.000 ) + Reine Cr full ( 270.000 ) + Selsya Cr full ( 220.000 ) + Geuner Cr full ( 80.000 ) = 1.367.000 for Marlysa Cr full or 0 exp.

Miss twice + 100maamon+30hula+copper

I value this bulk 30k.
i can negotiate all, want cash or cards.
pm me or write here. bye.
have a nice day!

Im really only looking for the cr's listed

i also have more cr's to offer, please pm me if you have any of them smiley

friday 17/05/2013

I'd also like Elya Cr smiley^

70k or so.

Well when he buys all 3 at once it does take away the time someone looks to sell all 3 so that might be a manageable trade smiley

(trade) my Zatman 0 xp for full + complement

Scopica or Clara

Hello people!

I sell 200 Treeman 0xp (550 clintz each)

Contact me if you are interesting in the treeman smiley

thursday 16/05/2013

Hi, i'm looking for a vickie cr 0xp, i offer you vickie cr full + 8 jakson full, transaction by secure trade

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