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thursday 02/01/2014

I have a lamar cr full xp
heres what I'm looking for smiley
2 tsubame 0 exp - 90k
2 ongh 0 exp 100k
2 graksmxxt 0 exp 80k
2 kolos 0 exp 80k
2 dregn 0 exp 80k
2 copper 0 exp 78k
total 508k

Hello to everybody

I trade my cards + cash for your Manon Cr That I evaluate : 1M400k

My offer is:

200 Cutey 0xp : 2,9k/each
+ 798 000clinz

everything will be done for E/S

you can contact me by mp

Thanks all

I'm going to buy one copy of Kerozinn Cr for 555k cash via private salesmiley

Hi are you interested in Alec Cr Full or 0xp ?

Thank you anyway bro smiley

Buy Dj korr cr i give 7 900 000 in private sale smiley

Willing to give 11 titsouk for 10 clover noel as well as 115 titsouk for 100 clover 0 exp

wednesday 01/01/2014

Hello everyone, as you read the title I buy all your Kawamashi 6.8k cr
Kawa put in my vp in case of sale

Thank you and happy holidays to all

Up now offer Cortez Oxp plus tuck for onghs
Three tucks if Oxp

Need five more onghs

Pm me!

I trade me cr's:
diyo cr : 95k
a award cr : 215k

i'm interesed to:
2x jackie cr : 155k/each or melissa cr 310k

Still looking for Sum Sam Cr!

Buy 0xp Waller.
Reply or PM your price.

Ended. Hoatzin won. smiley

34k and a compliment.

Still looking for a dragan buyer, a good price guaranteed!!

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