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sunday 14/07/2013

For kero 2 skull face cr 1 0 exp 1 2* 0 exp and 30k

Got a new domain, very cheeky.

I want to Trade my Sum sam 0xp for 1200000

There are 2 Crs i would like to have:
Tessa Cr (600k)
Lamar cr (470k)

the 130k that are left you can fill up as you want

Please write me an PM for faster negotiations

I just had to up it smiley

@ jess : i value your offer at :

2,5M +2,5% = 2,575M
2x vickie cr : 870K
scarlett cr 0xp : 1,1M
tanaereva cr : 200K
12 jackie cr : 1,56M

sorry i am not interested in cards like skulllface, alec or caelus....if u can substitute them it would be great !

Lol i was confused when i saw this thought i was in the wrong forum section but instead it is you

^ lol no thanks

Are you adding a comp to make the trades equal?

Why do I keep forgetting when auctions finish smiley

Congratulations to Bojax! smiley

Sold sorry can't close phone

Sold sorry can't close on phone

I'm selling 200 Naele 0xp for 7400/each

All in private sale.


saturday 13/07/2013

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