friday 22/03/2013

No thanks, the lot is divisible but i have more copy of ayzkub

Price is Negotiable smiley

Splata Cr , Kerozin cr , Tanaereva Cr and clintz to trade for Marlysa Cr
Ty .

Question in a private message

I take All the blidgey and eliska smiley

I propose 5 Blaaster Cr 0xp + Lizbeth 0xp + 13K cash for the first who want smiley

Sell trade 1000 akiko (600 0xp)

for 600k
i search cash or cr's

thanks mod

thursday 21/03/2013

Can offer more clintz, depending on the market price of bogdan + caelus at time of transaction.
As of now, offering 75k clintz.

Nice evan, good luck in selling the card smiley

I have 6 robb cr
i don't looking for charlie

Sell trade 500 ayzkub (314 are 0xp)

i search cash and cr's

total price 250k

thanks mod

4* 0xp
1300 per one

Still have 148 azykub full xp each for 250 all for 38k or for haaken windzy thorpah and14k

wednesday 20/03/2013

No thx seeking Cr´s playable

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