thursday 21/03/2013

Still have 148 azykub full xp each for 250 all for 38k or for haaken windzy thorpah and14k

wednesday 20/03/2013

No thx seeking Cr´s playable

I'm still searching
the price is negotiable if you make the right offer

Hi, trading/selling my thorpahs. Value at around 11k a piece 3 0xp (1 with 500 exp) 3 full xp. Looking for bangers sakhronom cards. Will look at all offers. Thanks.

tuesday 19/03/2013

Sold for 160k! thx, we can close! smiley

Wrong place to post this. Try again in the 'General' section. smiley

Hi, I'm looking to trade the my Freaks cards (whole clan EXCEPT Crs, Quasichoco and Madelone) for playable Piranas or Roots (I already have Raeth, Hawkins, Scubb + others for Piranas and Tuck, Jeena, Noodile Cr +others for Roots, only listing the more expensive ones I have)

PM your offers

145 Clintz Each
160 Clintz Each for 0 ExP smiley

Put It in My PS smiley

Got what I wanted, please closesmiley

Sorry - Market price is actually 170k, not 175k.


i am looking for manon cr
i offer 200 eebiza oxp vs your manon cr
in e-s


monday 18/03/2013

Just Sold Diana

sell 500 ayzkub ( 314 are 0xp)

Total price 170k

thanks mod smiley

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