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friday 12/07/2013

No jess sorry =p

Ghumbo zatman and 1 copper sold
I add:

X1 blaaster cr 75k minimum (full)

Still looking!

I change my opinion. I only accept zatman, Clintz and Jackie Cr.

You need to buy credits in order to sell. It has nothing to do with the new version.

I'll give you 7 autographed space jam dvds, a picture of me naked and a magic cloak that bestows +35 sexual stamina for this smiley

This Scarlett is same as adept?

This Scarlett's been around smiley

Don't pm him smiley

I'm not too fussed on selling but hey if I can sell and make large profit then it's all good smiley

20K Don full and Desmond full and eyrton 0xp

Oh my god i didn't even notice that wasn't the other CC damn that guy is a few names that aren't "kid friendly" but good luck to you CC might wanna try 450 a head since i looked at the market and you have some Competiton in the bulk department of aliester and you don't just have a majority monopoly smiley

I told you it was a special card smiley

thursday 11/07/2013


I trade :
10 Selina 0 xp vs Dregn 0 xp (you)
Dagg 0 xp + Deea 0 xp + Qorah 0 xp + 12 000 clintz vs Dregn 0 xp

It's nice trade, mp me if you got bulk of Dregn 0 xp !
Secure trade so 12 000 cash u don't lose 5% smiley

Same old overpricing, now with just 50 calories over normal.

Doesn't look like I'll get my Glob, so I'm gonna try a different approach smiley


@mye buying for cards = trading lol

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