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monday 30/12/2013

Alec Cr. can be any xp

I'm looking for ongh full xp, i trade him for around 43000 in cash and cards

I offer oshitsune + pan + azgroth + 32000 clintz.

or 2 chiara cr 0xp + 5000 clintz!

PM me if interested (or post belowsmiley)


I don`t need an Ambrose Cr.

Vickie cr 0xp 545-550k
kalindra cr 0xp 120-125k
marlysa cr full 1,3M and 0xp 1,325M
kerozinn cr full 575-580k and 0xp 600k
wanda 0xp 5,5k
jackie cr full 160k and 0xp 170k
blaaster cr 0xp 105k
caelus cr full 125k
tanaereva cr 0xp 255k
alec cr 0xp 170k

General cr full 7,2M

I will make other offers during the next days, weeks or months, with other playable cr's, more cash and other bulks.

I can offer 55 terry cr 0 exp (10k a head)
plus a blaaster full xp + noctezuma 0 exp

Geuner cr
and seldnor cr
willing to trade 25 terry cr 0 exp for both of them

Got any rescue cards that i need look at my thread smiley we could trade

If you want to sell a tessa quickly you are gunna have to go lower than that

Put it on my PS!


Sellinng clintz email me xxxxxxxxxxxx

edited by ArtemisBZ monday 30/12/2013, 03:05

Only 10 left get em while there hot 50k in SE for 10 full xp c wing

Still loooking...

My 4 blaaster full xp for your 10 0 exp noctezuma

sunday 29/12/2013

I am trading my Dregn 0xp for Graksmxxt via secure trade

Blaasters are gone.


1 Noctezuma 0 exp
OR 1 Graks any exp

Edit: Also have 1 Dregn exp that can be exchanged for either of the 2 items above.

edited by _2015_ sunday 29/12/2013, 23:13

What do you value ?
75 terry cr 0 exp
25 heegrn cr 0 exp

Pay 220 clints each pm me

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