monday 18/03/2013

I'll accept 75% value of my bulk in cash & 25% value of my bulk in cards smiley

Tsubame 0xp 62k
2 T Gaanek 0xp 3.8k
Malicia 0xp 5k
Ksendra 0xp 1.2k
3 Angelo 0xp 2.1k
2 Taylor 6.2k
17 Kawamashi Cr 5.1k
11 Kostner 0.79k
2 Elvis 7k
5 Gus 0.75k
7 Revok 1k
9 Melinda 0.7k
Looking for Playable Crs and the 5* Star Vortex

sunday 17/03/2013

Close plz deal has been done

Hi everyone, as the title says i accept clintz or cards(higher valued preferably) and not other bulks or anything. So, here it goes :
230 Acid DC full exp -- 110/card
100 Akiko (12 0 exp) -- 400/card
165 Nobrocybix full exp -- 110/card
160 Brandon full exp-- 110/card
115 Bunny full exp -- 250/card
100 Flyer (4 0 exp) --250/card

post here or pm.
ty mods

I value them for 14200 clintz/ for unit
i looking for tanaereva cr, jackie cr, alec cr, kolos, kenny cr, kalindra, tsubame, cortez, ongh,....

Manon sold! we can close smiley

Close please smiley

A award cr found, but for the other...

anybody? smiley

Looking to sell quickly, might stretch to 140,000 clintz.

Will most likely accept trades for other cards, ones like:

Sah Brinak
Veenyle Cr

Ones like that. 0xp or full, I really don't mind.

Thanks mods smiley

+ Also have 0xp Melvin X3, and a 0xp Akendram

Looking for : Kenny Cr
Giving : Sylth Cr ( full xp )

Stil up.
pm me we can work it out. they are all 0xp

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saturday 16/03/2013

Closed Bought 1

My diyo cr and elvis


your kalindra

some clints can be added on either side depending on market value to equalize the trade.

Thanks mods

Putting many of these remaining cards on the market for reasonable 0xp prices, if anyone would like to buy them individually.

I will still listen to offers if anyone sees anything they want, and would rather trade.

I will adjust remaining quantities and prices in a few days.

A tessa Cr is gone.

So now only 1 Tessa (470k)

Just like the title says I would like to buy lots of Tina (preferably full, but I will take other experiences as well) for 325 clintz a piece. Just place them in my private sale please.

Thanks Mods !!!

PM me for price
2 Linda's

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