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sunday 29/12/2013

I will trade Kephren, Dorian, maurice, lady,zatman, 8k, mirphum, graks, and hefty for jackie cr

Full or zero?

Come on guys... smiley

I'll close it for you...

Still need 5 now paying 1300 per head

Nobody interested?

I sell her at 1.2m or trade her with other crs

I pmed you, you havnt responded

Looking for Romana & Qubik.. In Exhange for Ahkab + Diana..

Thanks smiley

All tucks gone.

Buying (put in ps):
kamekun 0exp at 1k
carmen 0exp 1k
graven 0exp 4.5k

saturday 28/12/2013

Hi I want to trade my spyke for your lady via ST

And oh the cards are 0xp...and im looking for a 0xp Charile

I am willing to buy a jackie cr for Dorian, Hefty, Graks, Lady, Zatman, Maurice, or maybe 130k clintz and a card.
Prices/trades are negotiable.
Jay rock 99

Hello guys

i'm trade my DJ Korr Cr 0 xp (8,5M) for :

★2M cash Min + 2,5%★ ...

Lot's of cr's like a :

Jackie Cr 150k/Each
Caelus Cr 120k/Each
Alec Cr 160k/Each
Blaaster Cr 100k/Each

No CR'S :

Ojibway 0 xp 4k/Each
Wanda 0 xp 3k/Each
Noctezuma 0 xp 40k/Each
GraksmxxT 0 xp 40k/Each

FOR secure trade

Thaks smileysmiley

friday 27/12/2013

Yep i am interested...

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