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thursday 11/07/2013

Doesn't look like I'll get my Glob, so I'm gonna try a different approach smiley


@mye buying for cards = trading lol

If i where you sell the lots and pay by cash

I decided to get rid of the following cards:

X5 copper 32k/cad (4 are at 3* and 1 at 4*)
X1 zatman 23k (full)
X1 ghumbo 10,8k (0 xp)

I'm looking for:

If your bid exceeds the sum of my cards, I can add a maximum of 50/60 k
Everything will be done in a secure exchange


This offers still available to people.

Lot 1 4.8k each of the Stompah's. Cash.

1x Selsya Cr (0xp)~200k
1x Sigmund Cr (3*0xp)~500k
1x Jane Ramba Cr (2*0xp)~35k
1x Kenny Cr (3*0xp)~45k
1x Nahi Cr (2*0xp)~160k
2x Noodile Cr (0xp,2*0xp)~12.5k each
2x Skullface Cr (0xp, 2*0xp)~200k each

11x Virginia (0xp)~75k
12x Lady (0xp)~215k
25x Naele (0xp)~210k

Looking for:
Playable Crs (Tanaereva Cr, Vickie Cr, Jackie Cr, Caelus Cr, etc...)

Not interested in other lots or unplayable crs.

-snap wins with an all cash offer of 200k

Still for trade!

Vous cherchez a commerce splata cr + elya cr + 100k pour marlysa cr. Je peux négocier.

Price has gone down to 105k for the full xp and 110k for the 0xp
PM me ur offerssmileysmileysmiley

If u want to offer crs , tell me about that! smiley

For 45k
in private sell please

Still selling both lots


I offer you
10 Selina 0 xp vs Dregn 0 xp
Dagg 0 xp + 12 000 clintz + Deea 0 xp vs your Dregn 0 xp


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