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tuesday 29/04/2014

Good morning, I'd like to sell or trade my swidz cr full xp. My valutation is about 156k but i will check every kind of offer. write me in privatesmiley

Now I have Jim Cr

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monday 28/04/2014

Hello everybodysmiley

I would like to buy Dalhia Cr 0xp if possible.

I offer 83k. If u are interested put her in private sell or contact me.


I am selling 48 Pan (few of them 0xp) for 2,8k/head. I accept clintz or playable Cr's.
PM me if interested.

Buying charlie any lvl for 55k clintz smiley

I'm looking for there collectors :

►Alec Cr [175k]
►Skullface Cr [190k]
►Jim Cr [200k]
►Miss Twice Cr [250k]
►Melissa Cr [335k]
►Ambrose Cr [420k]
►Sigmund Cr [540k]
►Lamar Cr [575k]
►Aldebaran Cr [720k]
►Splata Cr [800k]

Cards possible for trade :

⋆50x Fifty 2k/t
⋆87x Lennox 3,3k/t
⋆33x Crassus 0xp 9,5k/t
⋆3x Haaken 3,2k/t
⋆6x Haaken 0xp 3,4k/t
⋆6x Stompah 8,3k/t
⋆23x Methane 6k/t
⋆42x Methane 0xp 8,5k/t
⋆73x Wonder Lana 4k/t
⋆73x Wonder Lana 0xp 4,5k/t
⋆5x Eduardo 0xp 6k/t
⋆47x Greow 0xp 5k/t
⋆18x Jean 3,3k/t
⋆29x Malmoth 2k/t
⋆9x Tremorh 5k/t
⋆38x Bryan 0xp 9,5k/t
⋆7x Gertrud 0xp 6k/t
⋆44x Thormund 2,5k/t
⋆9x Griezzo 0xp 12k/t
⋆43x Rosa 3,3k/t
⋆79x Artus 1,8k/t
⋆7x Pesth 3,7k/t
⋆12x Selma 11k/t
⋆35x Ulrich 2,9k/t
⋆20x Malicia 0xp 2,9k/t
⋆2x Yayoi 0xp 37k/t
⋆5x Clara 4,8k/t
⋆7x Clara 0xp 5,5k/t
⋆19x Steve 0xp 10k/t
⋆19x Cliff 3,5k/t
⋆43x Lilly 7,3k/t
⋆26x Lilly 0xp 8k/t
⋆40x Lakit 2,8k/t
⋆3x Lehane 0xp 6k/t
⋆3x Chloe 4k/t
⋆5x Chloe 0xp 4,5k/t
⋆86x Miranda 1,8k/t
⋆30x Miranda 0xp 2,2k/t
⋆9x Aylen 5,5k/t
⋆5x Sasha 4,2k/t
⋆4x Lulabee 7,5k/t
⋆24x Nanook 3,6k/t
⋆13x Gaia 3,1k/t
⋆4x Naele 0xp 8,4k/t
⋆10x T Gaank 0xp 4,5k/t

Total value of my cards - 5,093,800 clz
Total value of search collectors - 4,205,000 clz

For each trade, gift smiley

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Hello everyone,I buy 10 Morgan 0xp.Send me a message if you are interested for this sale.

Hi, i sell 135 Dave full exp.
I evaluate them I 1500 cad for a total of 202K.
I'm looking for:
- Cash 200K
- Kerozinn Cr full 620K

Good game smiley

Accepting Nabrissa only. Full/0xp

526x 0exp Scooty are gone.
900 still available smiley
new price: 350ctz each, 315k in total

Hello to everybody i'm looking for berserkgirl cr 0exp possibly

i can offer 1m cash if you are interested can send me her in private sale

or contact me


I have a Smokey Cr 0xp that I want to trade for your full xp Smokey Cr + 10k clintz (negotiable)

sunday 27/04/2014


Skullface Cr Oxp 195k

Have to trade:

Pm me with cards you have we can negotiate trades!

The cards on the right of the equation are the ones I am searching for and the ones on the left are what I am offering.

So... I am trading away my Sabia instead.

Please write what you want in return?

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