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sunday 23/06/2013

182k private sales.

Hit me up if you wish.

Now have 2 tanaereva cr to sell.


Im looking tessa cr (550k) i give jackie cr (130k) + vickei cr (420k)
All full.


Looking for a full Beltran Cr, I have a 0xp one... Would like a small compliment.

Looking for lots of virginia (don't care if it's full or 0xp, in my mind that's all the same in the market). looking for 25 virginia and i'd like to trade those 2 cassio for it. pm me if interested


I buy all your Rolph 0xp : 5.8k each
Directly in pv.

If you have a lot of Rolph, PM Me smiley


Lool I have seen but you are vanished mate...
Just sold smiley

Hi people of UR,
I am looking to buy Liu of All Stars for 4,465 clintz as that's all I have at the moment :/
Thanks smiley

saturday 22/06/2013

Aleister are 415 each now, all the full xp Jean are sold.

3 robb cr 0 exp + 1 jackie cr 0 exp
blaaster cr 0 exp + 45k = jackie cr
smokey cr marco cr edd cr and shakra full = jackie cr
25 x haaken 0 exp = jackie cr
105 haaken 0 exp = 4 jackie cr 0 exp
pm or post here for more info smiley

Lol squirt is selling 750 eebiza at 4k a head smiley

Rad gone

kolos + compliment to your robb cr

Do you take eebiza

Anyone ?

gusta la pista.

Pm me asap or you might not get a better deal.

I have to trade are
4x Spyke all 0xp
1x Lady 0xp
1x X-odus 0xp

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