friday 10/05/2013

Hello i sell or trade my vickie cr full exp 460k

i search:

cr playables like tanaereva cr 190k, jackie cr 115k etc etc

i trade with secure trade only, and i value all offer if you are interested can contact me

thanks modsmiley

Hi All

exchange my Cr and cards :

1. 65 Hriger 0xp : 4k/Each

2. 28 Marco Cr ( 8 0xp ) : 36/each

3. 15 Caelus Cr 0xp : 105k/Each

4. 3 Kalindra 0xp : 45k / each

for her I'm looking for:

Cr Full : Vickie Cr Kerozinn Cr Lamar Cr Tanaereva Cr Jackie Cr Robb Cr Edd others Cr payable

Carte Full: 5K in up : Maurice Marina Uranus GraksmxxT Kolos Dregn Dagg Cortez Spyke Saki Coby Copper et altre

you can contact me by mp

Sorry sir, but i'm only interested in clintz smiley

Never mind shes just not appearing in my collection pro or says I have her in it on her page but in my collection shes there

My general cr for you guru cr, just to specify

thursday 09/05/2013

Hello people i sell or trade my tessa cr 0exp that i value 600k

i search offer with:

cash+ cr playables ( Tanaereva Cr 190k, Jackie Cr 115k, Lamar Cr 420k etc etc)

i trade with secure trade, if u are interested contact me

thanks mod

I propose 80 Buckler 0xp for Sigmund Cr

Will also trade for some cards in Fang Pi and Gheist

Hi all.

I am looking for 2.OOO ayzkub 0xp to complete my lot of 5.OOO ayzkub 0xp

1 Ayzkub 0xp --> 320 Clintz (private sell)
+50 Ayzkub 0xp --> 335 Clintz/u (private sell)
+100 Ayzkub 0xp --> 340 Clintz/u (secure trade smiley )


Ok got him.close it please.thank you smiley

Graks full+ craho for graks 0exp? smiley

As title says I'm buying a vickiesmiley

send me a PM as to how much you want for yours and how much xp it has, I don't care about the xp but if I get a good offer on a 0xp that I can later trade for a max xp+compliment to make up for the loss thats finesmiley I'm looking to buy vickie cheapest at 400k XD even though I don't expect people to go that low but ye I prefer it under market price

Hello has all today I buy Jessie 0xp.

I give you 4000 / head has the unity or by lot of 10 maxi. Then so more first prize send I a MP to negotiate

Directly there vp!

80 copies. all for 23k or a dorian. negotiable.

Please close. Thanks!

I need to sell lots of cards(57) 205 per unit!

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