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sunday 04/08/2013

Why does it always post these in the English forum when I am in the French forum smiley

I wrote it in the French Forum and it's in the English one?smileysmiley

You kept giving me the same runaround over what was essentially 3%. Since I have a headache and you've done this before, I decided to save some time. smiley

Jungo clan + 170k is good also smiley

2 Jim Cr + 50 k cash smiley

saturday 03/08/2013

Trading my Kiki cr 0xp for full + compliment smiley smiley

PM me smiley

Subject finished, I got Lao Cr and Shawoman Cr for these smiley Thanks for inquiring.

Both the Ongh and Edd Cr have gone!

just as title states i'd like to trade for a Miss Twice Cr 0 xp
and her price i estimate to be 200k-210k.
I'll be trading with Marco Cr full xp 40k and 160k in clintz,
willing to add an extra card if need be.

Do PM if interested.
Thank you.

Now I have enough!

As the thread starter, you should write the value you want to buy to facilitate a faster and smoother trade. Not the other way round.

edited by Cyber saturday 03/08/2013, 11:39

I caused a giant inflation so yeah im a mad man only cost me 2k or so


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