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thursday 01/08/2013

Full xp dahlia cr up for trade pm me with offers i'm interested with mostly anything especially other crs


Ty for all the Ravens you send me smiley

I want more smiley

175k cash
Jackie + 45k
Caelus + 75k

Each at 2500 ctz..secure trade!
Pme me..

1 a award cr et 1 dwain de parti smiley

Trading some of my cr's for hopefully some of yours

I have Melissa Cr Oxp 220 k
Geuner Cr 0xp 90k
Diyo Cr full 89 k
Vickie Cr full 444k
Seldnor Cr 0xp 100k
Chad Bread Cr 0xp 65k

Looking for Beltran Cr
Smokey cr 59k
Splata cr 590k
Kerozinn cr full 425k
Any cr's over 100k

I want to buy many kerozinn cr 0xp
I offer 440k/u in my private sales

Thanks smiley

100 full Xp Gaia for 350K

PM please

wednesday 31/07/2013

Well the cards im willing to trade are these ones:
Vortex: Deea 0xp and Krung 0xp
Fang Pi Clang: Lost Hog 0xp and Zinfrid 0xp
GHEIST: Stalfhaust 0xp and 2x Toro 0xp
Jungo: Ronald 0xp, 3x Adler 0xp, Hystrix 0xp and 3x Psylo 0xp
Piranas: Lizbeth 0xp and Andsom 0xp

the im looking to get are:
Bangers: Shogunn, Juicy Lord, Kluwn and Chikko Cr.
Fang Pi Clang: Heitachi, Kuei, Kusuri, Linda, Macumba, Shizawa, Tsubame, Ryuichi, Sung Tsu and Windy Mor.
GHEIST: Anibal, Arkn, Erika, Rolph, XU52, Lin Xia, Z3r0 D34 and Dr Saw
Jungo: Greow, Nyema, Sylth Cr, Kreen Cr, Niva and Wendy.
La Junta: Gertrud, Naginata, Ed12, Dean, Jane Ramba Cr and Isatis
Piranas: Bloodh, Dalhia Cr and Smokey Cr.
Pussycats: Diana and Charlie
Rescue: Aurora, Benson, Kerry, Marco Cr and Steve.
Skeelz: Carter: Chwing, Jay, Todd, Aigwon, Aylen, Damian, Lorna, Praxie and Redra,
Vortex: Dregn and Heegrn Cr,

I'm looking for a Vickie Cr full. I can pay with a Kerozinn Cr full + Cash or other cards for about 30.000-40.000 Clinz. In addition I have a lot of other Crs I could pay with, but I would rather give my Kerozinn Cr away.

If you are interested, please send me a private message smiley

I value him at 460000 I am mainly looking for Bogdan, Olga, collectors and clintz but I am open to any and all trades provided they are reasonable. smiley

Hello guys

I looking Marlysa Cr full or 0 exp i don't care


1.1k per head for 500+ Simeon 0 xp. How? smiley

625k cards or clintz B)

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