thursday 07/03/2013

Close thank smiley

Hello there, I trade jane Ramba cr 2* 0xp for a full one and 5k.

pm me if interested. smiley

thanks mod and fo smiley

Nobody have money? jajajajajaja

I will pay 195,000 ctz for a 0xp tan man, plz secure trade immediately smiley

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[SALE] + title
Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject

wednesday 06/03/2013

My marlysa oxp for your marlysa full +10k

[trade] sum sam cr 0 xp for tanavera + kerozin + clintz

Selling skullface for cash pm me

Veenyle Cr is gone...Others still available smiley

I wanted them smiley

Hello guys.

I am trading my:
x8 Kawamashi for (your) Cortez
x8 Kawamashi for Dregn
x3 Kawamashi for Stompah

I have 42 for trade.
Just put your card/cards in a secure trade, and I'll set the respected amount of kawamashi. I need 1 each, but might consider...
Good luck and have a nice day.
Special thanks to the forum modedator smiley

Trading my 0xp Sylth (I have two) for full xp Sylth + complement. Pm me! smiley

You adding about a 90k comp?

I have 4 Sylth full exp and 3 Sylth 0 exp.
I value my Sylth at the current market price.

I am looking for these cards, 0 exp or full.
Lola, Diana, Hawk, Herman, Marina.

I also accept a mixture of clintz and might accept other cards.

PM me to deal!

Dwain Cr ---> 25k Comp
Melissa Cr ----> 50k Comp

clintz preferred all trade offers looked at. please no lots more then 10

Looking to trade my 0xp Dagg + 5k for your:

T Gaank
C Beast & Lady


T Gaank

Please PM me.
Thanks you.

tuesday 05/03/2013

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