saturday 04/05/2013

Not that much though for less then 100 it's usually only 300-500 ctz a head lol not 1k

Hi i sell 24x Wolfgang for 80k (3,3k each)

No Trade thanks smiley

Hi! I would like to sell 34 Romana (0xp) for 272000 clintz (8000 each). I'm not interested in any trades right now.


Simple: it's less expensive for him to buy the lots and sell them at those prices smiley

friday 03/05/2013

I am looking for mokra i can trade for it
any of these all are 0xp btw

hawk (full)
T gaank

please pm me if you wanna trade

Cash 41.5k

Hi my friend L Nielsen wants to sell/trade his dj korr cr!
PM him with offers!
Have a good day!

Hello to everybody smiley i decide to trade or sell my 6 Vickie Cr full that i value 450k each

i search:

CASH min 1.7M
CR playables( Tanaereva Cr full190k) Caelus Cr full (100k) etc etc

i trade only with secure trade smiley

tranks modsmiley

Hi guys
I trade my 140 graksmxxT O exp smiley
estimation 60 k each (8,4 m) vs Guru Cr
thanks mods
everything via SE,

*Jacon cr*

No you're not.smiley

From my understanding, it'd be "138,260 PLUS the 3 heegrn (totalling around 23k) for 152,200 worth of cards". Offer seems relatively fair, but no tags so it's a fail.

Michael and x-0DUS are no longer available.
Still looking for Mokra for Chiara cr 0xp and still looking for Jackie for the cards listed

thursday 02/05/2013

Hi all,

Looking for a Guru Cr. I value him at 7mil-7.5mil

If you have one and are willing to trade, please PM me.

WTS 9 Heegrn Cr will trade for some skeelz such as:

Miss Twice Cr 0xp

PM me if interested.

195k private sales

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