thursday 11/04/2013

I have

2x kenny cr
2x uranus
1x kolos
2x bogdan for trade

Intrested in high value cards like graks and playable crs like jakie cr

cheers have a good day smiley

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New offer:
- 4 T Gaank for 1 Mokra
- 6 T Gaank for 1 Lady
- still looking for Crs
- and clintz

and possibly other offers, just send me a proposal and we can negotiate if necessary.

Hi all i'm searching specify cards to complete my collection
i propose : 420 eebiza oxp ( 3.2M ) for :
ombre cr > 200k
ambrose cr > 330k
aldebaran cr > 480k
rass cr > 500k
flavio cr > 550k
armanda cr > 550k
ndololo cr > 520k

in e-s

Sorry that lot is useless to me.

wednesday 10/04/2013

Removed from list:

Lizzy x2
Scopica x1

Sell is done thank you

Found other (charlie, beast blaaster and praxie) little update:

2x Yayoi full-> 2x Yayoi 0exp

2x Zatman full-> 2x Zatman 0exp

3x Buck full -> 3x Buck 0exp

2x Liu full -> 2x Liu 0exp

2x Dorian full -> 2x Dorian 0exp

2x Marina full -> 2x Marina 0exp

2x Leviatonn full -> 2x Leviatonn 0exp

1x Toro full -> 1x Toro 0exp

1x Mona full -> 1x Mona 0exp

1x Kerry full -> 1x Kerry 0exp

1x Uranus full -> 1x Uranus 0exp

1x Oflgn full -> 1x Oflgn 0exp

3x elvis full -> 3x elvis 0exp

3x taylor full -> 3x taylor 0exp

3x ryuichi full -> 3x ryuichi 0exp

1x diana full -> 1x diana 0exp

1x shakra full -> 1x shakra 0exp

1x Blaaster Cr full -> 1x Blaaster Cr 0exp

2x Vickie Cr full -> 2x Vickie Cr 0exp

3x Jackie Cr full-> 3x Jackie Cr 0exp

Done thanks close subjectsmiley

I do not accept eebiza. Thank you for the offer.

Trading my Berserkgirl Cr 2 stars 0 exp(last price on market is 629 000 full right now). for Cr like :
-Kerozinn cr
-Vickie cr
-Lamar cr
+ complement(either cash or cards- negociable)

Ty .

I'll take 3 Kawamashi Cr 0xp for a Gil

Last auction day guys smiley

Sorry wrong forum. Delete please mods.

tuesday 09/04/2013

Still looking for cash or cr's

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