tuesday 30/04/2013

Hello people i sell or trade my Marlysa Cr for 1.4M

if u are interested contact me here or pm

i accept :
cr playable like Vickie Cr 430k, Tanaereva Cr 190k, Jackie Cr 0exp 110k etc etc

i trade with secure trade only

thanks mod smiley

Trading my Dorian for your X-0DUS.Secure Exchange only,PM me

As your cards are already up for auction, another thread is not permitted smiley

I sell Ambrose Cr 0 exp 350k or trade for Kerozzin Cr + difference in cards

Gone. Please close.

monday 29/04/2013

you :
flavio cr ndololo cr rass cr armanda cr sum sam cr
for my 50 tsubame oxp in e-s

Selling all my All Stars for 70k
I have every non cr apart from striker marina and hammer
I have terry cr out of the crs

I am only interested in clintz

If i can, i think it's a little like complement :S guru is max 8.5M and dj around 11, then the minim complement can to be around 2.5M

Salve gente smiley scambio il mio lamar cr 0exp (490k) contro una vickie cr (430-440k) +50k leggeremente trattabili smiley

scambio con SS, per qualsiasi info contattatemi pure in mp o qui smiley

grazie mod smiley

Hello people i want trade my lamar cr 0exp for your vickie cr +50k a little negotiables

i trade with secure trade,

thanks mod smiley

Sorry. no. smiley

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