thursday 28/02/2013

Also trading a 0xp Thorpah for a Taylor or Beef + 2 norman all 0xp

Asking 186cz per piece for (rough) total of 52k clintz, or trade to Alisteir / Neloe / Martha lot.

Sell 0xp Marlysa cr
at market its by 1 194 000
from here who sends me mp i sell by 1 189 000

thanks smiley

I have 34 saki 0xp if you want

wednesday 27/02/2013

Sell it, thnx mod smiley

I'm looking for Swidz Cr full, I would like to trade it with Cassio Cr 0xp.
I give to them the same value.

Trade by secure trade.
Contact me by pm!

Thx staff!

As the title states I am looking for Marylsa Cr any xp. I have to offer Lamar and Tessa + clints


Pm me for negotiations
i accept cash or crs .

The trade is done. Mods please close this ty.

Buying bulks of tolliver for 205 per piece. Pm me the amount you are selling.

Want to buy Hefty ~8k / or if possible my Zornado + clincs smiley
Want to sell Zornado ~7K

9 thorpah and 24 qubik left

10 Naele
1 Thorpah

All thats left! Still looking for Taylor and Lola!!!

tuesday 26/02/2013

Nobody wants 0xp caelus cr ? smiley

I have no intrest for Dalhia Cr or Tsubame.

Except Kalindra and Yayoi, I am looking for Alec CR too.

I want trade manon for marlysa cr any xp+complement,based on current market prices
or sell her for 1.4M ctz.

My 4x noodile cr 0xp + 1 noodile cr full xp for you cortez

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