wednesday 24/04/2013

Mod please close !!! Thanks

Deal done

Guru + 1.5 mil
General + .6 mil

The offert is still valid!!

New offer

600 Thorpah 0xp
100 Lady 0xp
3 Caelus Cr
3 Kenny Cr full
1 Jane Ramba Cr full
150k cash

500 Thorpah 0xp
100 Lady 0xp
13 Caelus Cr 0xp
3 Kenny Cr full
1 Jane Ramba Cr full
150k cash

Geuner Cr 0xp ---> 90/95k
Diyo Cr 0xp --> 79k

I prefer:
Playable Cr's like jackie caelus etc
Normal cards above 40k (like charlie ongh etc.)

Still have the cards, price changed to market price

Still looking to sell smiley

Still looking to sell smiley

tuesday 23/04/2013

Good Afternoon,

Here's what I have to sell:
23 C Wing 0xp @ 6.8k/card
3 Ongh 0xp @ 40k/card
3 Spyke 0xp @ 22.5k/card
1 Zatman 0xp @ 30k/card

PM or post if interested.

My cards are: Eebiza, Bodenpower and Askai!
I search Ghumbo full exp (14k)
My cards (15k)

Pm for negotiation. smiley

Now i only have

Dragan Cr 0exp 730k
4 Vickie Cr full 1.74M
Ombre Cr full 230k

Hello I sell you OXP lots for the first market price!

lot1:Fifty X80 > 1500/T = 120K
lot2:Serena X50 7500/T = 375K
lot3:Zhu Tang X130 2000/T = 260K
lot4:Stella X40 7000/T = 280K
lot5:Miss Stella X35 3500/T = 120K
lot6:Heitachi X60 6000/T = 360K

in e-s transaction : only cash !!!

Hello people i want sell or trade some lots of 0exp cards smiley

i have

100 miss stella 0exp 4.2k each
150 cutey 0exp 2.2k/each
145 jakson (69 0exp, 53 2*,8 semi-evo,17 full) 3.3k each

the price are negotiables, i use only secure trade, and i accept:

all cr from 100k up
cards from 40k up

Stil looking to sell any of the cards smiley

It is done ty.

Hi ,

I search a General Cr full or 0 xp estimated to 9M1

For this i offer a lot of 100 GraksmxxT 0 xp and 100 Uranus 0 xp .

Possibility of negociation.

Thanks to you .

I am only looking for Lamar Cr (full), nothing else.

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