saturday 23/02/2013

Selling/trading 250 0xp bankee for 2200 each

selling them all together looking for playable crs and clintz

pm me
thanks mods

Pm me so we can work out deals if you don't like the one above.

Buying Dagg 32k in private sale on me. thanks

friday 22/02/2013

Actually,i would like a bundle of cards which are worth as much as ambrose cr is worth.All clans are acceptable except Sentinel,Bangers,Bezerk,Frozn,GHEIST and Sarkhom.

I wanna change frozn full xp to 0 xp if any body changes all of them i will give him or her El Gringo

Sell 16 eliska 0 xp for 400 clintz

all eliska for 6000 clintz discount (6400 is the price)

contact me by pm please smileysmileysmiley

thx mod smiley

Sell/Trade miss twice cr full xp (200k).

Searching for/I accept:
Cards of +20k

No NB. Lots of max 3 copy.

Contact me in private messages.

Thanks mods smiley

1100 clintz immediately upon purchase of a 5% discount.
the number of cards has become more.
Wholesale or retail

It's sold bye smiley

It's too much smiley

Alec r gone 25 thorpath 10 ayah n 5 marco r left all 0xp

I'm looking to trade my lulabee and Greem for a hefty of any xp smiley please send me a message or private sale smiley

thanks mods for the post!!!

thursday 21/02/2013

Do you like my deck?? i apprecciate! smiley

Done deal.
You can close it. Thx

Expected value -> 432000/piece if in cards
428000 if in clints
If interested pm me smiley

I still have 33 Full Treeman's left. I"ll sell for 480/head.

Looking to trade my Lizbeth (full xp) for Tsubame any xp.


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