monday 18/02/2013

Any cards you're looking for a one for one trade for Yoshida?

Threads of pfulls are not permitted smiley

15k + madelone to your copper. anyone?

As the title says and i would like 55k for the lot smiley

sunday 17/02/2013

Ok trades done, i still have
20x Amiral Coco full
15x Amira Coco 0xp

and im not looking for shann anymore

So..... Where'd you get the thorpah. I'm interested in trading. smiley

Update: No longer need any Frozn characters!!

Just Vortex now, thanks smiley

Have Vickie Cr 0 xp..

looking for Vickie Cr full XP + 10K

As the title says, I'm looking for 1 copy of Yayoi (any XP).
For trade, I offer 1 copy of Draheera FULL XP + 1 copy of Noodile Cr FULL XP + 6k clintz.
Contact via PM for faster response.

Thank you.

I have around 20 bezerk but don't have any you mentioned any others you want ?

Ok min 600000 only cash... or 620000 in cards...of course price is negotiable but not overdone

Bankee and tsuka are still up for sale

The three leela's are gone but i do have Oyoh, Eve, Boohma, and Gordon to trade

I sell her 700k
Don't be shy to pm me your offer
THanks mods!

Threads of pfulls are not permitted smiley

Cards whit

Jackir cr
Tanaereva cr
Caelus Cr

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