saturday 13/04/2013

I trade my Caelus 0xp + 40k for your 2x blaaster cr.


Troco X-ODUS por Cortez

My Dagg and Jessie for your Copper

Please send me list of your uppers please pm me thanks

Can i bought your rubie and nellie? for 4k? or trade it with my wendel and burt smiley please im a newbie and im building an upper mono deck please help me..

Id like to trade my:
wendel - nellie /rubie/offer

My Burt to any uppers you suggest.rubie will do smiley
My Wendel to nellie or suggest.. Pm me or reply if interested

Dagg and X-0DUS x 2 are 0 exp.

As the title, I sell a lot of 500 Lucy 0XP to 5.5 K each. for a total of 2750K.

Im looking for in cash and cr from 200K up (possibly playable, but also will evaluate any offers with unplayble cr).

trade by secure trade.


friday 12/04/2013

...Good luck, you'll need it

Buy several caelus cr 109.000 in my private sale

I can buy 40

I like your second proposal
If adding 1x vickie cr closed

Smokey cr full + 500clintz -> 0exp

Done Can close it now

Vickie cr full 420k

Vickie cr 0xp 480k

Caelus 100k

You got your numbers wrong you should only get a 60k complement

Hello, I am looking for 450 methane OXP I exchange against 400 eebiza OXP in e-s ! smiley

You can delete the subject now smiley

I trade sum sam cr (1000000) for what do you want, but

no lots
no cards 0xp


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