sunday 10/02/2013

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on. the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject
Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for in return smiley

saturday 09/02/2013

Your general + 3 millions for my dj korr?

Send me a pm, and lets secure trade, I want those ed12s 0xp for 30k smiley We can negotiate smiley

Shakra -> 21950
ratanah ->14100



I sell 136 Greow 0Exp for 6500 Clintz each. Pm me if you should be interessed in.

Thanks Staff and a Good UR to all smiley

I have for sale:
4 Leela (1250)
1 Sigurd (1300)
1 Mikki, 1 Ataoualpet, 6 Rhody, 1 Erszebet, 1 Meyen (220)
2 Kristin, 5 Eliska, 1 Malia, 1 Venus (530)
1 Orlok 2* (200)
The prices are per unit. Thanks.

Still looking

What the title says.

Please PM me.

Thanks Mods.

Naele 0 xp + Hefty 0 xp vs your Lady 0 xp
2 Naele 0 xp vs your Lady 0 xp

sell it with a little discount(50-100k) or trade for other crs PREFERED marlysa cr+X but other playble crs are possible. Price is negociable.

friday 08/02/2013

My Graksmxxt full for your Haze and Yayoi or Haze and Spike.

Initiate a secure trade if you're interested.

Thanks mods.

I'm looking Madelone and Malicia to add my collection. I can trade Stompah, Shaakarti, Liu, El Gringo, and Zornado for them. PM me if you're interested.smiley

Salut, je vend mon dj korr cr full + marlysa cr full + 500.000 Clintz pour guru cr full/0 exp + lyse teria cr full/0 exp.

Merci a vous!

Title says it all.

Trading all my non Cr cards for Berzerk cards

Also willing to pay for Berzerks bulks.

A combination of both trade and ctz would be acceptable.

First Come First Serve.

Private Message me for faster response.

I sell my miss twice cr 0xp as mentioned above for 230k

Agree preferably cash smiley
But I can be interested also to other requests:
Yes cr and card on the 10k upward
no new blood.

Thanks mod and fo smiley

I would like to sell my cealus for 115k , not lower
pm me for a faster response
thanks in advance

Remain 40 carter 0 hp smiley

MP , MP , MP

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