thursday 11/04/2013

Dragan Cr full + 20K for your Dragan Cr 0xp ..

Please Pm me

[ Thanks Mod ] smiley

63 chiara cr 0exp -> 19k/ea = 1197k
Tanaereva Cr full = 195k
Smokey Cr full = 48k
25 Smokey Cr 0exp -> 55k/ea = 1375k
Marlysa Cr 0exp = 1350k
38 Zatman 0exp -> 35k/ea = 1330k
10 caelus cr 0exp -> 105k/ea = 1050k
Total: 6545k

Completed smileysmiley

2 Daddy Jones, 2 Mokra left

23+K left.smileysmiley

Close her down modssmiley

Dobbs ld, YOU'RE NEXT


I'm a currently looking for a Dragan Cr...
I saw your post in the message board. So would you like to trade your Dragan Cr 0xp for my Shawoman Cr full ?

I made a mistake in the title. It should be Shawoman Cr for Dragan Cr.
(No added 15K)

590k cash
630k cards

offers in pm smiley
thanks all! smiley

Oh didnt realise it was lots

If you're interesting let's contact me smiley

I have

2x kenny cr
2x uranus
1x kolos
2x bogdan for trade

Intrested in high value cards like graks and playable crs like jakie cr

cheers have a good day smiley

thx auto moderation tool

New offer:
- 4 T Gaank for 1 Mokra
- 6 T Gaank for 1 Lady
- still looking for Crs
- and clintz

and possibly other offers, just send me a proposal and we can negotiate if necessary.

Hi all i'm searching specify cards to complete my collection
i propose : 420 eebiza oxp ( 3.2M ) for :
ombre cr > 200k
ambrose cr > 330k
aldebaran cr > 480k
rass cr > 500k
flavio cr > 550k
armanda cr > 550k
ndololo cr > 520k

in e-s

Sorry that lot is useless to me.

wednesday 10/04/2013

Removed from list:

Lizzy x2
Scopica x1

Sell is done thank you

Found other (charlie, beast blaaster and praxie) little update:

2x Yayoi full-> 2x Yayoi 0exp

2x Zatman full-> 2x Zatman 0exp

3x Buck full -> 3x Buck 0exp

2x Liu full -> 2x Liu 0exp

2x Dorian full -> 2x Dorian 0exp

2x Marina full -> 2x Marina 0exp

2x Leviatonn full -> 2x Leviatonn 0exp

1x Toro full -> 1x Toro 0exp

1x Mona full -> 1x Mona 0exp

1x Kerry full -> 1x Kerry 0exp

1x Uranus full -> 1x Uranus 0exp

1x Oflgn full -> 1x Oflgn 0exp

3x elvis full -> 3x elvis 0exp

3x taylor full -> 3x taylor 0exp

3x ryuichi full -> 3x ryuichi 0exp

1x diana full -> 1x diana 0exp

1x shakra full -> 1x shakra 0exp

1x Blaaster Cr full -> 1x Blaaster Cr 0exp

2x Vickie Cr full -> 2x Vickie Cr 0exp

3x Jackie Cr full-> 3x Jackie Cr 0exp

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