wednesday 10/04/2013

Done thanks close subjectsmiley

I do not accept eebiza. Thank you for the offer.

Trading my Berserkgirl Cr 2 stars 0 exp(last price on market is 629 000 full right now). for Cr like :
-Kerozinn cr
-Vickie cr
-Lamar cr
+ complement(either cash or cards- negociable)

Ty .

I'll take 3 Kawamashi Cr 0xp for a Gil

Last auction day guys smiley

Sorry wrong forum. Delete please mods.

tuesday 09/04/2013

Still looking for cash or cr's

I have
2 0xp ongh
4 full raeth
And clintz to make up the difference

I'm open to speak to everyone smiley i only wait your message smiley

Im looking for either a vickie cr ( i offer taneareva + 220k)
or lamar for taneareva+210k

(trade) My Spyke 0 xp for full + Aníbal or Gertrud as complement.

Hello my friends i want to buy or trade for these card:

Lehane full 3k
Bryan 7.3k
Brianna 2.8k
T Gaank 3.4k
Gil 11.5k
Methane 4.5k
Copper 28k full ou 30k 0xp
Rolph 5.3k
Arkn 1.3k
Randal (1.4k)

contact me with pm

Try ? Do you sell or do you buy vickie ?

Anyone want caelus cr i will trade for alec cr full i will give the diference

Up , my message private is open for négociation smiley

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