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tuesday 21/05/2013

Ass 80 eebiza and my 0xp is your smiley

I want to trade my Kerozinn Cr and Seldnor Cr 1* for your Tessa Cr.
I will add Clintz or smaller cards to make up the difference of the market values, if needed.


Dalhia Cr
Robb Cr
Edd Cr
Veenyle Cr
Kawamashi Cr
Noodile Cr

Done smiley

I forgot to say I value my lamar at 430-435k smiley

Still buying

Lyse Teria Cr

+ 1 500 000 clintz

Bulk sale only
5.8k a piece

47 x 5800= 272600
pm me or post it here

I am looking for a DJ Korr Cr (regardless xp) I estimated 12M

For that I offer:
1500 Eebiza 0XP (6.5 k / head)
+ 11 Cr Tanaereva 0XP (205k/tête)

= 12M005

All in secure trade

monday 20/05/2013

Why do you think we are all speaking English at you? smiley

Asking for 100k, or the equivalent value in CRs. Caelus, Sylth, Dalhia, Veenyle are ones in particular I'd like.

Dude anibals are 2.7k full and 2.9k 0xp

It does with quite a few

I buy her for 430 clintz in my ps smiley

5.000.000 millions pure cash

Ql Leviatonn

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