monday 08/04/2013

I will add another 50k cash

Cash, 13 Beeboy 0xp and 16 Maciej are still avaiables
now i'm still interested at: :Lehane , Brianna, T Gaank, Gil Graff e Randal

i'm looking for a Tanaereva Cr (full xp) = 195k.
I offer : Alec Cr full + Kreen Cr full + 30k = around 200k
Trading with the secure trade tool

Interested in Beltran Cr 0xp?

Still looking smiley

Done thanks

Let's trade kawa against my olga, hawkins and crassus 0px (10-20*)

You are interessing for bulk of naele 0xp? smiley


I offer :
- Lady 0 xp
- Naele 0 xp
+ Zinfrid/Sekutor/or Selina 0 xp

vs only Virginia 0 xp !
I hope find !

Not looking for non playable crs , cards worth 100k+ smiley

Find beltran cr full, looking for selsya cr full.

I want to trade Dorian for Ahkab + Miss Lizbeth. The market value almost same: 28K vs 24k + 4k
Please PM me.

Willing to do 45k in trade for the ongh interested in 3 Virginia or 6 Beeboy smiley for both of them

- shawoman cr 0 exp + 19 marco cr full smiley

sunday 07/04/2013

Hello iam trading some of my 0xp cards for full + complement

My Jackie cr 0xp for your jackie cr full + 7k
My caelus cr 0xp for your caelus full + 5k

pm me for faster response.

The title says it all. I'd prefer to buy jim for 200-205k, and beltran for 175-185k. Pm me your offers (as I probably won't pay too much attention to this topic).

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