saturday 02/02/2013

Hi everybody, I'm searching for a Vickie cr full.

I estimate her 440k, and I can give you cards like Tremorh in lots, Diana in lots, Caelus cr, Chiara cr, Jane Ramba cr and others.

Contact me with pm if interested.

Thanks mods smiley

I'm still looking please pm me

And... I guess it's time to test the new "subscribe to receive updates" function.

Marco cr full and hax full for lizbeth

As the title says I'm looking to trade my Graksmxxt full xp for your Stompah + Minerva and I don't care their xp.

Thanks a lot.

Also Selling
2 Ongh 0xp
3 Sylth Full
2 Gil 0xp

friday 01/02/2013

If I bought all 26 individually, it'd be cheaper.
That doesn't make sense.

26 * 893 = 23218.
Yet, 26 of them you're selling for 24k.

I have received a large donation of Saki for a memorial event and would like to turn them into bigger prizes.

Sale price:600,000 clintz asking price

Will do smaller lots for Cr cards. Not looking for trade of other large lots of cards.

Post here or PM.


Well i do want some CR's for it. and also cash.. looking for about 850k - 1M value for everything..

value it at around 16000 per piece.. negotiable.. THANKS MODS

Deal !

18 kenny cr 0xp has remain.

and i will add 2x tanaereva cr 0xp

+ 2x marlysa cr full xp.

PS put youre offer here

Only 1 Jackie 0xp

Hello, i offer a sah brinak a haaken a jane ramba cr and a chiara cr for blaaster cr

pm me if you are interested

thursday 31/01/2013

Done. You can close this thread. Thanks Mods. smiley

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