tuesday 29/01/2013

I have Numar and I want X-0DUS and I will add 3K on top of the Numar

Trade finished, thanks.

Selling thanks all

Hello I'm looking for gertrud 0 exp buy a 3k, to put directly into my vp.

thank you to the moderator who will validate. smiley

Cards i have to trade

10 x veenyle cr
3 x kenny cr
8 x blaaster cr
9 x edd cr

Please PM me ASAP

I will sell Tessa CR for 580 000.

I would like to trade my Elya Cr for Lamar Cr + 50k(either in clintz or in cards with value 10r or more) or for Vickie Cr + 30k
I will consider other offers, but i don't need unplayable Cr's and bulk of cards
Send offers to PM pleasesmiley

CAELUS CR 128,000 clitnz or best offer
Willing to trade, but not for card lots.
Also available

Jay 16,900 OBO

Michael 19,500 OBO

Praxie 16,000 OBO

Any offers? please post! Thanks smiley

Bringing the price now for 10k each !!! up up up

Looking to trade Splata Cr [445k] for Vickie Cr [444k]
Card for card no complements either side.
Trade through secure exchange.
PM, post, or, even better, send the trade.


monday 28/01/2013

Swidz 0xp plus 350k for vickie if anyone wants.

Pm me!

Cassio Cr has been Traded

He guys.
i´m searching for a vickie cr.
i can offer you kerozinn cr + blaaster cr
please pm me

Traded thank all

Robb cr
Dalhia cr
Marco cr
Smokey cr
For your
Tanaevera cr

The market price ... I do not accept batches of more than 10 units per character and not accept the 0XP ...

negotiations in private message
I thank the staffsmiley

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