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tuesday 14/05/2013

This thread may now be closed, I bought these cards on the market

Best I can do is 21.5k per Raven.

Still looking. Price of kawa has been updated to current market price, as is the price for every other card

monday 13/05/2013

30 Felicia Full xp 675Ctz Each
20 Felicia lvl 2 680Ctz Each

I would like 30k in complement, clintz or any card, secure trade.

Ok, 10k compliment - let's call it a promo as nobody interested as far.

Unfortunately not, please make a new thread smiley

Found yayoi 1x ryuichi, elvis still go on smiley

Hi all,

I trade my Guru Cr full xp. I would like around 8,3M in cards/cash.

I want 800k cash min in your offer.

I'm looking:

- Tanaereva Cr: 205k
- Jackie Cr: 123k
- Caelus Cr: 103k
- Blaaster Cr: 77k
- XU52: 11k
- Diana: 7,8k
- Clover: 8k
- Dorian: 27,5k
- Lola: 5,3k
- Kalindra: 45k
- Hikiyousan: 15,5k
- Marina: 21k
- Striker: 18k
- Leviatonn: 15k
- Rowdy: 13k

Transaction: SE.


9 left new price of 41k

A sale of 76 cards excluding doubles which are a whooping 5k below their market price and include prfct half decks as well as plentiful of doubles!
grab the offer as soon as yiu can!

and while youre at it check out this another offer as well!

Would have to add a little more

Any other offers

As the title says: I'll trade my Kerozinn Cr 0XP for yours with full XP + compliment (maybe 4k)
Make an offer via PM. I don't care if the compliment is in Clintz or Cards.

Looking to buy Loretta 's for 180 clintz each via private sales, thanks.

I sell my Tessa Cr 0xp for 560K cash. (The first one of the market is at 630K)

PM if interested smiley

Please Pm me with how many you have both full and 0xp. I have about 525k in trade value I can offer for them smiley

I value the full at 6.2k and 0xp between 6.3-6.5k depending on how many you have!

It's private sell, not secure trade smiley
i take 5% not you

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