tuesday 02/04/2013


monday 01/04/2013

PM offer . no offer no reply.

Aldeberan cr 0 exp 530k
shawwoman cr 0 exp 799k

I'm untreated in Lamar cr
Vickie cr
Tanerava cr
Splata cr
Kerozinn cr
tessa cr
and any playable cards over 50 k I have clints or Small crs to add a compliment if need be the Cr's are also for sell at a 10k discount per cr

Dee Jay Miss Twice Cr alone isn't enough smiley

Next time maybe

The 2 packs are sold

Still offering. PM me a counter offer if you want something instead.

I am looking for Lamar Cr, Robb Cr, Uchtul, Ahkab, and Heegrn Cr.

Below are the cards that am willing to trade. Msg me if interested:
All Stars:
4 Alexei
8 Allison
1 Amelia
2 Ashley
4 Bhudd
6 Cesare
2 Dallas
3 Dan
4 Davina
3 El Gringo
4 Essie
6 Eyrton
1 Flo
4 Frank
1 Hammer
6 Hendz
2 Jessie
1 Kang
4 Karen
4 Katsuhkay
1 Kimberley
8 Lance
4 Lewis
1 Liu
3 Loma Noju
9 Loretta
1 Mario
6 Mikki
6 Miss Jessie
3 Nathan
4 Oyoh
1 Quinn
2 Saki
2 Sigurd
2 Spudd
3 Stacey

2 Arawaka
4 Artus
6 Bill
6 Candy Jack
7 Cell
7 Crunchy
4 Cutey
3 Eadh
2 Edwin
6 Elixir
5 Endora
2 Erzsebet
4 Estalt
1 Ghumbo
5 Hel
1 Ielena
5 K Cube
1 Kolos
2 Mawpin
8 Melluzine
3 Mojo
3 Nerfeniti
1 Nistarok
8 Orlok
1 Oshitsune
2 Ozzy
1 Pan
3 Russel
1 Sargh
3 Timmy
2 Vince

3 Aktara
3 Andsom
5 Baba
1 Bloodh
2 Coleridge
7 Cyan
2 Dante
10 Ector
7 Goldie
3 Gran Vista
3 Greesh
1 Hawkins Noel
6 Kalder
1 Katan
2 Kristin
1 Mayhem
2 Miss Lizbeth
3 Morgane
1 Pesth
3 Puff
2 Selma
1 Sheryl
7 Sliman
3 Spycee
3 Sting
5 Trey
6 Tyd
1 Ulrich
3 Wheeler

7 Bublgmm
7 Butch
1 C Beast
1 C Wing
2 Cyb Lhia
1 Dagg
3 Deea
4 Drorb
6 Galen
2 Izsobahd
2 Kobalth
4 Kronnen
4 Krung
2 Lehrg
2 Lovhak
3 Marty
2 Naele
4 Negodz
5 Neloe
1 Oflgn
4 Onyx
2 Qorah
3 Sekutor
3 T Gaank
7 Ward hg

Grow up you child, you are the 3rd person i have ever BL'ed, i have only blacklisted people who start getting abusive or try to rip me off, i only asked for 50k comp which is half of the difference according to market price, there was no need for you to start having a go at me about it, this offer is still open but can you close this please mods, I don't need this idiot raging on here because I won't let him make money off of me.

before i go though, there are players asking 300k comp for cards that have same 0xp and full xp prices on the market, i honestly do not think that im being greedy at all, go and rage quit at somebody else.

Offer is still available. PM me if you accept or if you want to make a different offer.

Like I informed you on Saturday already, links to presets are not permitted. Please list your cards in order that players can see what you have to trade. Thanks smiley

Alec Cr - 117.9k
Aurora: 11k
Hax - 15.9k

Please pm me your offers, trades or whatever you wish to do.


Decided to not do it anymore so closed

sunday 31/03/2013

Cuervo and doo i am not interested of this cards

Heh my A Award Cr 0xp smiley

I'm trading my tessa Cr(570k)+130k for a Dragan Cr(700k). full exp for full exp please

Thank you mods

It does not matter, I can accept the cards at any level.

Looking for your offers, the prices and cards are ALWAYS negotiable, I would like to hear what you may be offering.


Thanks everyone for their advice, I now own stalfhaust

I am looking to trade my 0xp Daddy Jones for either Lady or Sah Brinak.

Mail me if interested.

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