sunday 31/03/2013

Looking for your offers, the prices and cards are ALWAYS negotiable, I would like to hear what you may be offering.


Thanks everyone for their advice, I now own stalfhaust

I am looking to trade my 0xp Daddy Jones for either Lady or Sah Brinak.

Mail me if interested.

LAMAR CR full xp for jackie cr + vickie cr any xp
or lamar cr full for 540k cash or in playable CRs

Ohhhk i gt it
it will be ok if u put sum complement(ctz)

Prices have risen since i posted this originally. If you have any for sale pm me and we can work out a dea

saturday 30/03/2013


I buy your Wanda 0xp for 2300/each.
In my private sell.

Thx smiley

Sell lamar cr for 535k

Sell lamar for 530k

Sold, we can close, thanks smiley

I am looking for Lamar cr, Robb cr, Striker, Ghumbo, Uchtul, Vince, Lizbeth, Dalhia cr, Ahkab, X-0DUS, Dregn, and Heegrn cr.

Below are the cards that am willing to trade. Msg me if interested:

All Stars:



Ksendra is plural? I never knew that.... sorry.

Still accepting ksendras? (ksendra?)

Selling 0 xp Quasichocox100
470 Clitz each 42k for all

friday 29/03/2013

I have to trade : Stalfhaust , Bristone and Leviatonn = 33,393 Clintz

I need : 1 Virginia = 31,000 Clintz

So it comes out that you can earn. If you interesed PM me smiley

Thx Mod's smiley

I also trade Armanda Cr 0xp for your Dragan Cr full..

i'm looking for a Tessa Cr any XP
I offer : Jackie Cr full + Geuner Cr 0xp + Page Cr 0xp + 8 Kawamashi Cr full + Kreen Cr full + 160k cash
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Sold done

Sold..tnx..pls close..

I'm also interested in :

Lao Cr , NDololo Cr , Flavio Cr , Armanda Cr .

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