friday 29/03/2013

Virginia is sold tsubame remaining

Dhalia Cr for all these cards?

Some people like 0xp, i'm not one of them, but the market is what it is

thursday 28/03/2013

Change jackie cr, 0xp, for:

Blaaster Cr+Dalhia Cr+Miss stella+Stella


Cortez+Blaaster Cr


Dalhia Cr+Cortez+Karrion


A Ulu Watu collection

Title says it. Offer me with a secure trade, and i'll offer a Mokra.

The complement can be clintz or cards .Negociable

Price like on market but I can do
700 clz / Kostner 0xp

So these are the cards I want to sell / trade :

1x Tanaereva Cr
10x Yayoi 0xp
4x Spyke 0xp
10x Beef
4x Elvis
3x Taylor 0xp

Around 4800 for the 0XP 4600 for the others

I got it thanks closed subject

wednesday 27/03/2013

Also accept cash. smiley

Found beltran and another jackie, the search is still open smiley

2 messages

Close please and thank you

I founded 2 today i need more smiley

I have the following cards at 0xp and would like to trade for full plus compliments

Jane Ramba cr
Vickie Cr
2 x smoket cr
cassio cr
nahi cr
chiara cr
2 x jim cr

Please PM me with your offers



I have kalindra

Sorry, the Noodile CR is supposed to be 0xp not full

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