wednesday 23/01/2013

3* - Thomy, Eugene, Meluzine, Yu Mei, Oryon, Pulsar, Natrang, Otome, Tatane, Noon Steevens, Ellie, Thomy...
4* - Candy Jack, Zlatar, Tshern, Magenta, Sai San, Igor, Tsuka, Fizzle, Ninja Nyne, Shirley...
5* - Fifty, Melinda, Daqun, Leela, Phonos, timber, Vansaar...

and more....
conntact me, I will do it and then we can do trade smiley

I sell my multiple cards

1 Dagg 0 xp 33.800

7 Thorpah 0 xp 12.000 each

1 Sah brinak 18.000

50 treeman 0xp 650 each

1 Wardom 15.200

3 Noodile Cr 15.240 each

3 Lady 0xp 23.000 each

3 Ebiza 0xp 7.800 each

1 SkrumxxT 0xp 8.430

Cards that i'm looking are :
Jackie Cr 150k
Caelus Cr 115k
Kalindra 75k
Tsubame 70k
Cortez 69k
Blaster Cr 90k
Alec Cr 125k

Thanks mods.

Not interested. In fact I am closing this old subject smiley

I have to change:

Jessie 0xp
Beef 0xp
Kawamashi 0xp
Kati 0xp
Kuei 0xp
Nakata full
Rei full
Boris full
Igor full
Mikaal full
Fanny full
Eddie full
Benicio 0xp
Greow 0xp
2 Hystrix 0xp
Jalil full
Estalt 0xp
Oshitsune 0xp
2 Clover 0xp
Emma 0xp
Louise 0xp
Lena 0xp
Owen 0xp
Palmer 0xp
Dave full
299 Luis


leela full

thanks moderators

That's right folks, 1:1

If you can throw in something extra that would be great. PM me if interested.

Still looking, as I said we can negotiate.

Dalhia Cr + Cortez 0xp + Striker + Noodile Cr + Amiral Py Cr + Spyke x Tanaereva Cr

130 Marco Cr 0xp + 14 Alec Cr 0xp + 70 Sammy 0xp

tuesday 22/01/2013

The text isn't complete:
Selsya Cr + 2 Rhed Cr(0 exp) for your Miss Twice CR smiley

Trade Vickie Cr with Ombre cr and Miss Twice Cr

Send me Pm.

Not really interested in bulk of anything right now.

have 1 tana left

Anybody? (:

Pm me for faster response
thx mods.

Update :
59 Elvis 0xp
40 Taylor 0xp
Nahi Cr Full
2 Kenny Cr Full
2 Dalhia Cr Full
Jane Ramba Cr Full
5 Chiara Cr Full
4 Heergn Cr Full
Marina Full
3 Striker Full
15 Bodenpower Full
20 Fifty 0xp
4 Fixit 0xp
Juicy Lord Full
Shann Full
Vermyn N full
Willy Full
5 Cortez 0xp

That's all for now
Thanks mods! :*

Price writte here |-(

Trading my 12 marco Cr 0xp + sammy 0xp for Vickie Cr! Pm me if you're interested!

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