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monday 29/04/2013

sunday 28/04/2013

As The Title says I want to sell my Emeth 0 xp for 28k

PM me if you are interesed smiley

Thanks Mods smiley

I would like around 1.4 mil in cards/cash. No bulk, unusable cards, or cards worth under 10k please. Private message me your offers smiley

Done thanks can close now

How much u value graksmxxt 0exp?

Found zatman and the vickies, still go on smiley

Only looking for a full xp Kreen Cr + compliment, nothing else.

I'll buy level 1-4 timber 600 clintz

saturday 27/04/2013

Title says it all. Message me.

Ya, i dsidnt look at the number right sorry xD

You can have mine for yours

Lyse + 1 100 000

Geuner Cr sold smiley

Still have Nistarok and Hriger

If there is anyone interested please contact me in private

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