wednesday 27/03/2013

I want to trade my oxp cards I have been sitting on forever, and trade em for some stuff I dont have.

I mainly want new bloods daddy jones and mothra but will consider other ones. I also want crs of value greater than 100k so if willing to trade any of em for cards lsited let me know via pm.

heres my stuff:
and all are 0xp
1x Elvis
2x Kawamashi Cr
1x Lola
14x Sprinter
1x Spyke
1x Taylor

1x Fei

6x Thorpah

1x Hriger
1x Wardom

2x Pegh

1x Ebiza
2x Romana

2x Briana

4x Ozzy
5x Uchtul

3x Amiral Coco

1x Steve

10 Flora
10 treeman
1x Kiki

14x Lilou

2x Lady

3x Naele

1x T Gaank

Thanks everyone smiley

tuesday 26/03/2013

Sold sorry

Hi all smiley

exchange the following cards :

1. Guru Cr 0xp : 8M500k

2. 100 romana 0xp : 11,5k/each

3. 115 leela 0xp 1180/each

I'm looking for:
CR : marlysa Cr Jackie Cr Caelus Cr Edd Cr

Marco Cr chiara Cr Edd Cr robb Cr

- cards : GraksmxxT . Kolos Copper Uranus Olga Leviatonn

Thanks Mod'ssmiley

I sell 100 sylth cr oxp for 4.5M in cash

négociable in private message !

Looking to trade my kalindra (0xp) for 2x Charlie (any xp)

will reconsider another offer though

all transaction will be done using secure trades

thanks mod smiley


I trade Splata cr 470 000 + Vickie cr 430 000 + Tanaereva cr 210 000 +40 000 clintz = 1150 k for Marlysa. Secure exchange .


monday 25/03/2013

Looking for around 193,000 clintz.

Will trade for other cr's and cards, 0xp makes no difference to me.

Thanks Mods.

I am looking for kolos, Dregn, x-0dus, naele, Glorg,Uchtul,Ghumbo,Marina, Saki, and Striker.
Below are the cards that am willing to trade. Msg me if interested:
All Stars:

Still selling/trading

Please note the cards are now put on the market and can be bought if wanted. Sadly noone was interested in trading and I will just buy the cards!

Thanks mods!

My Guru Cr 0xp for Guru Cr full + Complement
My Guru Cr 0xp for Usable Crs and Clintz in value of 8 000 000 Clintz

Also sell him for 8 000 000 Clintz

Thanks Mod

I'd like around 193k for her, please pm me your offers.

Thanks smiley

So...i will change my tessa cr full xp + 50.000 clints, for 2x kerozinn cr any cr.

thanks mods,
i will wait your offer on my PM.
best regards

My general cr oxp vs your kiki cr smiley in e-s !

I know.. your price is still too high
we get 'em of the market for at least 250 less smiley

you know how we traderzZz are smiley

might wanne drop a bit in price?? 48k -ish??

I want 2 trade miss twice cr -200000ctz
cassio cr-91000ctz
looking fr

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