sunday 20/01/2013


I trade my 200 saki O xp ( 8500 ) for
Scopica O xp : 5500
Sylth O xp ; 36 000
elvira O xp 4200
Steve 7500
Stiker O xp : 25 000

In secure trade

I will sell for 50k, I always buy the 0xp sunders off the market, pm for faster results

Tessa 688k
miss 228k

If you pay whit clintz i will make it 35.000 all

The price is go up.

one last chance ! hurry players HURRY smiley

Traded thanks all

Canselo mi oferta ya no me interesa Scarlett Cr

Hi everyone!!

My offer is:
12 Beeboy 0 exp ==== 16 k each

I´m looking for:

1 Numar full or 0 xp ==== 48k
1 Cortez full or 0 xp==== 67k
1 Karrion full or 0 xp==== 37k
1 Striker full or 0 xp ==== 21k
1 Aurora full or 0 xp ==== 11k

Thanks Mods...smiley

Flavio CR 0 xp
Lao CR 0 xp
Sum Sam CR xp
To complete a trade I am looking for the full version + one of the cards from this list:

0xp korr gone smiley

still looking for Sum Sam Cr smiley

@Mr Anonymous: I still need. Make me an offer smiley

I sell my 50 Amiral Coco 0 xp for 175 000 total

Cards that i'm looking are :
Jackie Cr 150k
Caelus Cr 115k
Kalindra 75k
Tsubame 70k
Cortez 69k
Blaster 90k
Alec Cr 125k

Thanks mods.

I'm looking for bulks of amiral coco 0xp, pm me with how many you have and we can negotiate the price/head

saturday 19/01/2013

I have 28 Sunder at 0XP. I value him at 420 clintz. Total value of my bulk : 11,760 clintz.
Looking for C Beast + complement. I value C Beast at 5,470 clintz. So, the complement would equal 6,290 clintz.

Thank you.

Ok cause i have a shifou

I'm also trying guru crsmiley

I would trade
Page Cr 0xp- 124k
Page Cr mid xp-115k
Page Cr mid xp-115k
Page Cr 0xp-124k
Edd Cr 0xp-29k
8,000 clintz
for Vickie Cr (secure trade only)

I trade my kreen cr for 107 treemans preferabally 0xp

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