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friday 26/04/2013

Forgot to add will put more of same clan with him smiley

The offer is clearly unfair to the buyer. 206 Flora is not worth a Caelus Cr - I strongly suggest you change your offer to add a complement or extra Flora 's. smiley

My Tessa Cr and Dragan Cr for your Marlysa Cr and Caelus Cr
negotiation available, please send offers

I sell Ambrose Cr 0 exp, 350k

Wouldnt mind also a sum sam Cr

Tanaereva 0xp for skeelz, nightmare Berzerk or Piranas 0xp

I can negotiate, but I only want clintz!

Offers? smiley

In an attempt to use some cards I recently obtained, I've decided to try and trade my 0xp copies of jim cr and beltran cr for their full xp version, with a "comp" of 3k included with each of the full xp versions. Pm for quicker responses.

thursday 25/04/2013

450 full 550 0xp and ill do.

im not im the business of getting completely ripped off like your offer is.

Still buying!

Would you be interested in My Lyse Teria Cr + Sum Sam Cr + Vickie Cr + Lamar Cr for your Kiki Cr.

All mine are full XP

Please pm me if you are interested in trading

Thank You

Sell my diyo cr 0 exp
Target price around 90k
Pm me with good offer

I sell/ trade it 90-100k (marjet prize) but everyone can negotiate with me.

For more informations contact me by pm.

Thanks MPD and FO smiley

I also SELL him if you are interested or TRADE him with other cards smiley

120 0xp 375 ea
115 full 350 ea

im willing to go down if you wan to buy 100+

15 Eugene 0xp left
25 Eugene 2* left

Same prices as listed above. smiley

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