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thursday 10/10/2013

I'm looking for a sylth cr too!!(35k)
Emeth cr full (45k)
7 konrad 0xp (35k tot)
50 quasichoco full (35k tot)
9 t gaank full (36k tot)

Add Jackie cr full 145k smiley

I sell jim Cr i have ombre cr now smiley

Mye.. your window of opportunity is closing...

wednesday 09/10/2013

Not sure why this showed up here and not in the french forum, sorry

Okay guys, im having competition at the price 850,000 Clintz!
Now its a good offer dont miss out!

Selling 27 of those smiley

tuesday 08/10/2013

Hi, are you interested for your Alec Cr in Marco Cr (40K)+ GraksmxxT (40K)+ 90K Clintz?

Hi all,

I want to trade Uranus full xp + Petra full xp for Coby + Carmen (any xp)

All said, go!

Full Dregn, btw.

Hi ...
I´m looking for Kiki cr full or 0 xp ...
I offer 1 general cr full + 200k cash for him.

ST ...

Post here your offers or pm please! smileysmiley

Thanks and good day

What he said.

Also looking for lamar or vickie cr smiley

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