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tuesday 08/10/2013

100 0 exp graksmxxt + either 550 cash OR Vickie cr and 100k
I can do this trade twice I value 100 graksmxxt at 5m (50k a head) I value lyse at 5.5m

I Accepte all Cr's PM . now i have 24 Numar O exp smiley

Hello to everybody i sell or trade my general cr full that i value around 8M

i'm interested to:

cr playables

i'm not looking for lots of normal cards, i value every offer then if you are interested contact me here or with pm

i trade with secure trade


I cancel my offer an i will see later if i propose something else or not

I'll buy your Chad Bread Cr for 55k clintz or 2x Lady 0xp + 4x Madelone = 61,2k

I need 4 more Chad Bread Cr.

Trade for Jeto or Wilow 0XP

Is the actual price in the market

monday 07/10/2013

Offer: caelus cr (113k)

I search:

Heegrn Cr (10k)
Terry Cr (10k)
Rhed Cr (11k)
Chikko Cr (11k)
Raven (11k)
Amiral Py Cr (11k)
Shann (12k)
Lady (19.6k)
Hikyousan (12.7k)
4k cash (complementary)

Contact me here or on pm! I understand all your offerts smiley

I have 450 Gertjan that I am willing to sell, as a bulk or one by one.

Bulk -> 100k for them all

1 -> 215 each (max 25 per player)

PM me.

No longer need Vickie cr offer is still the following : 200 graksmxxt + Tessa + graksmxxt for two lyse teria cr I can also split the lot up for just one lyse

sunday 06/10/2013

Dont have JArrez but still have the rest any1 ? needing to sell quickly

I sell it for 800k in private selling

Sold. Can be closed :3

I kinda need this card for my Sentinel deck, anyone willing to trade?

Now I traded him for 30k some weeks ago , just because you wanted 40k >.>

You are welcome

At the time i made this post he was at that price, now he's 1.4M


I sell 38 Vermyn N Oxp at 26'000c/u cash !

In Private Sell.

Good day and good game. smiley

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