saturday 23/02/2013

I sell actually 19 rolph 0xp 19500 each (lower price in the market).
You ca buy them by unit or all of them.
If you're interested send me your offer in mailbox.
Sale in private exchange.

Cards no-Crs I want:
All Star: Marina, Striker, Hammer
Bangers: Vermyn N, Juicy Lord
Fang Pi Clang: Tsubame
Frozn: Kalindra, Stompah
GHEIST: Lin Xia, Leviatonn, Wardom, Toro
Junkz: Haze, Gil, Peeler
La Junta: Emeth
Montana: Mona, Avola
Nightmare: Kolos, Karrion, Ghumbo
Piranas: Lizbeth, Ahkab
Pussycats: Charlie, Yayoi, Louise
Rescue: Hax
Roots: Shakra, Ratanah
Sentinel: Copper, Coby
Ulu Watu: Numar, Wee Lee
Uppers: Zatman
Vortex: Dregn, X-0DUS, Dagg, Shaakarti

This are the cards I am looking to do the trade, you might include some Cr (only playable), but I prefer no-Cr cards.
You don't have to offer all cards that I puted on the list, I can accept others cards, this is just what I prefer

Close mod thanks smiley

Lol. Lot 1 is already sold, and the previous bid was 27950 clintz more.

Actualization: guru cr + 1 million clintz
I will also accept kiki cr + 500 k
All of this negociable of course.
Contact me.

Thank you

As the title says
pm me
open to negotiations

I have got also Ambrose cr but 0xp...price: 395k smiley

Selling/trading 250 0xp bankee for 2200 each

selling them all together looking for playable crs and clintz

pm me
thanks mods

Pm me so we can work out deals if you don't like the one above.

Buying Dagg 32k in private sale on me. thanks

friday 22/02/2013

Actually,i would like a bundle of cards which are worth as much as ambrose cr is worth.All clans are acceptable except Sentinel,Bangers,Bezerk,Frozn,GHEIST and Sarkhom.

I wanna change frozn full xp to 0 xp if any body changes all of them i will give him or her El Gringo

Sell 16 eliska 0 xp for 400 clintz

all eliska for 6000 clintz discount (6400 is the price)

contact me by pm please smileysmileysmiley

thx mod smiley

Sell/Trade miss twice cr full xp (200k).

Searching for/I accept:
Cards of +20k

No NB. Lots of max 3 copy.

Contact me in private messages.

Thanks mods smiley

1100 clintz immediately upon purchase of a 5% discount.
the number of cards has become more.
Wholesale or retail

It's sold bye smiley

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