thursday 21/02/2013

Expected value -> 432000/piece if in cards
428000 if in clints
If interested pm me smiley

I still have 33 Full Treeman's left. I"ll sell for 480/head.

Looking to trade my Lizbeth (full xp) for Tsubame any xp.


wednesday 20/02/2013

Everyone that posted now has to buy my cards lol smiley

Sell sigmund cr for 520k contact me by private message smiley smiley smiley

thanks mod smiley

No one interested?

ok how about this:
you pm me about your offer: dj korr 0xp vs dj korr full + x.
you choose what you want to give for x I take the best offer in few days.

Caelus cr for ongh and dorian

I will sell you dorian for 30k

Hi i have a Marlyssa 0xp and i want a full mas comp...

Yeah, good luck IRL

Please cloese this thread. Thx Mods

tuesday 19/02/2013

Are those graksmxxt 0exp?

Looking to trade:

Marco Cr 0xp for Marco full + 5k
3 Marco Cr 0xp for 1 Jackie Cr 0xp or 1 Alec Cr 0xp.

Thanks and have a good day.

My cr's for sale / exchange
Prices are like on market
I'm looking for all types cards - Cr's, non cr's, 0xp etc...

◣Kreen Cr 0xp◥
◣2x Ambrose Cr 0xp◥
◣9x Smokey Cr 0xp◥
◣Cassio Cr 0xp◥
◣30x Noodile Cr 0xp◥
◣9x Noodile Cr◥
◣2x A Award Cr 0xp◥
◣Chiara Cr◥

thx MOD's

Still for sale!

I Sell 35 Leela for 43.200 clitnz. i Can accept cards as jackson, Desmond Lady, Naele.... Mín clintz 20k. The changes for secure trade. Thanks.

No i dont want to split the lots up as stated above

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