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sunday 21/04/2013

And they are finally gone!! smiley

Your Jackie Cr 0 xp + small complement for Blaaster Cr 0 xp + Robb Cr 0xp.
Transaction will be done by secure trade.

Contact me now! smiley

Change my vickie x lamar + 10k or cards

i dont interesed in cr,0xp, cards of the new blood . lots too.....

Thx i got it now !
I close it

Not to me. Check the lowest price at the market, that's the price.

Not to me. Check the lowest price at the market, that's the price.

Thx andy smiley
I close topic !

saturday 20/04/2013

Sir Bobby

Thank you for the info. That makes me feel a little better as I submitted the request in the afternoon Toronto Time (GMT -5).

As for the forum, I could not find a fitting forum to post in, this is the closest match I could see.

I will wait for Monday morning to see what response I receive.

Thank you again

Please post how much you want for each card or post that you only want to sell them at once. "I sell them all for 500k min, or trade them for Elya Cr full xp + Lizbeth." seems like its a possibility you want all at once, but not 100% sure. Thanks smiley

edited by Sir B00BY saturday 20/04/2013, 21:31

I would like to trade 2 Smokey Cr (full) + 3K for 1 Jackie Cr (any exp)

Contact me if you are interested, and we can negotiate if necessary.

Trade Guru Cr (9.5M) for General Cr (9.2M) + complement
or cash (min. 6M) + collector (ex. Vickie Cr)
thanks smiley

Jess...nice to see that still are good peoplesmiley

Good luck

The trade is still available
but i waive on Nahi cr, for some other negotiable complement

This is not allowed in trade forums. This is closed.

Forgot to put a pricesmiley

2k each jean just basing it on market price atm but like Artemis said price is negotiable and how far I'm willing to go down depends on how many the buyer is purchasing or what they are offering for trade
at 2k each thats 460k for all of them so I'm willing to trade all 230 for vickie cr since I'm a die hard montana old school guy smiley and had to sell my vickie a while ago to get marly

Nvm, please close.

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