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monday 28/10/2013

I'm looking for Vickie at full exp. I am offering 500k at the moment.
Price is negotiable.

Ciao a tutti,

Scambio 10 Dr Falkenstein 0xp 2600 ciascuna per cash o carte.
Tramite scambio sicuro.


[BUY] + title
Write the name of the card/s you want to buy.
Tell the price you want to buy it : only with clintz, it’s not an exchange.

Updated with dirt cheap top teir Fang pictures, I'm not talking reservations so just grab em

sunday 27/10/2013

No fear. Just gimme all you have. I have about 4M to spend. JUST Gimme *_*
I play All-In. no risk no fun.

But if talked about in private messages i could go off of a slightly different base price depending on what you offer

Selling? buying? discussing? looking at?

In future, use your older thread.


Please write the evaluations of Spyke and the quantity of specific cards you have available for trade.

3000k each sorry


I sell 50 Nanook oEXP. 4000Clintz each.


I don't want to sell separate so please don't ask, Im selling the whole lots as they are or not selling at all

saturday 26/10/2013

I am looking to purchase a jackie cr for around 140k in clintz or 145k in a mix of cards and clintz.

Search a spyke trade him again other berzerks

The new price is 800k cash..or i change for vickie (520k) + 300k cash

Trade Dragan Cr full xp, I value this card at 735k.

Looking for:
Vickie Cr (value 515k) + complement

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