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saturday 26/10/2013

If someone need good piranhas
i have an auction on ron where i sell dahlia cr 79k lizbeth 45.8k akhab 16k and sting 2k
who wanna immediate sale just for 130k
and the place bid is 110 k

480 000 cash in private sall ?

Sell guru cr 7.3M smiley


friday 25/10/2013

And usually a lot less she will drop again she always does like i said or pm me i would negotiate

Poor duck smiley

Sigmund cr semi evo + lehane 0exp

Come on guys i really want to sell him pls make me soom good offers smiley

As the title says, I am trying to swap my 0XP Noctezuma for a Full XP one straight up.
Just shoot me a PM if interested

-Thanks, as always, Mods.

3 years without playing, dont know the fluctuation of the prices, but 4.5k ea

I offer my ambrose cr 0xp

all cash --> 340k
cards --> 350k
trade vs. other cr --> 335k

MP me because i don't read this forum.

Also if you happen to have 2 robbs, both 0xp or 1 of each I can add a compliment to my kalindra for that trade.

81 Dreadlash (29 0xp)
26 Plunk
Essie 0xp
Oshitune 0xp
Artus 0xp
Ed 12 0xp
2 Astrid 0xp
2 Gork 0xp
Erika 0xp
Dr Saw 0xp
2 Lin Xia 0xp
2 Vladimir 0xp
Crassus 0xp
2 Eve 0xp
3 Daqun 0xp
Grudj 0xp
Igor 0xp
2 Pyro 0xp
Wolfgang 0xp
Maciej 0xp
2 Maamoon 0xp
2 Clover 0xp
Louise 0xp
2 Wanda 0xp
Candice 0xp

Pick and choose.

thursday 24/10/2013

Hey guys! Today, I'm offering 40 Tanner, certified 100% 0 xp, for one of your 0 xp Sylth Cr!
Let's go smiley
(Through secure trade.)

No more El Divino, no longer need chiara Cr. Please look at my want list there is no way nobody has anything...

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