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sunday 20/10/2013

Np.. market smiley

Hi, would you agree to exchange 4 Hawk for 40 Tanner 0 xp?


3700 Clintz each.

Kenny CR full xp or 0 xp doesn't really matter. I value it at 54,500 clintz. PM for offers. Thanks smiley

Offering Tanaereva cr to:
New Offer:

Miss Twice Cr
Jim Cr
Chad Bread Cr
Ombre Cr
Page Cr
Alec Cr
Tanaereva Cr

saturday 19/10/2013

I'm interested in Splata CR

I'm offering the following cards:

Jim Cr
Ombre Cr
Miss Twice Cr

Total of 706k -> Splata is 654k so i 52k in compliment (cash or cards)
Only security trade, PM me , and we can negotiate .

There seems to be some confusion. My Alec Cr is the one that's full xp in the trade.

Hi all.. im looking to sell my 0xp Lizbeth for 50k.

Or trading it with (Akendram, Olga n boris)

Do do pm me if interested..

Price is negotiable in pm smiley

Selling splata cr for 640k or cards and cash or cards.

Good luck with buying Elvis + Spyke!

Hey guys im looking to buy as many crowens as possible for 550 each. I am negotiable via this post

thanks staff!

I wanna sale 75 Burdock 0exp 1,5k/each


Her normal price on market is 600k


Je suis à la recherche de Splata cr full, pour cela je vous propose :

- 10 Cortez 0xp - 440'000
- 5 Shakra 0xp - 110'000
- 100k Cash

Soit un total de 650'000
Je peux éventuellement rajouter si l'offre vous semble trop faible smiley

Bonne journée !

Hello everyone sell exchange the following lots:

Robb Cr x63 full 54k 55k cad cad in cash in cash 57k + cards in card

GraksmxxT x8 0XP 40k each in cash + cash 44k 42k cards cards

Uranus x27 full in cash 21k 23k 25k in cash + cards in card

Robb Cr 0XP 56k 57k in cash in cash 59k + cards in card

Jim Cr full 200k in cash 202 k in cash and 204k in cards and cards

I am looking for mainly cash or cr playable but I evaluate each bid, the payment in the secure exchange. good Game

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