tuesday 08/01/2013

Please contact me or offer cards here


thanks mod!

No bulks please.

Hi, I want to sell Dj Korr Cr for 10M in cash +1M in cards


Have only Aurora left for trade smiley

monday 07/01/2013

Who buy it whitin 20 hours will have a little discount smiley

From the cards you listed I have a 0xp Kolos and a 0xp GraksmxxT. Is there anything else you are interested in?

Hey how many clover's you got? i got 2 Jackies for trade 1 0xp

Sigmund Cr 0xp is gone
1 Edd Cr 0xp is gone

As title says I want trade my :

3x Edd Cr 0xp
2x Thaumaturge Cr
1x Diyo Cr 0xp
Kerozinn Cr

Basically if you sell them to him in a bulk, he'll buy them for an higher price and theres more than 20 of the card your offering smiley

otherwise i dont know what you dont get xD

I want to exchange nellie for herman

Even trade ,5 nellie for 5 herman. With additonal clintz if required.

Selling my 0xp Armanda Cr for 800,000 clintz or usable cr NO BULK. Secure trade preferred. Pm me for response.
Thanks mods

Got a lot of the cards i wanted. Now looking for All bangers (except crs) most sakhronom (except Stella, Uranus, SkrumxxT) bulk leela, bulk thorpah, bulk Hriger. Thanks PM with offers

Still available...

sunday 06/01/2013

Hi! I would like to sell or trade my 50 Thorpah (0xp). I value the lot at current market minimum (13000 each; 650000 total). Below is a list of the cards I would accept for a trade (including their current market minimum). Of course, in most cases, we will need to make the trade even using clintz. I currently have 359486 clintz.

List of acceptable cards:

Lamar Cr (540000)
Sigmund Cr (568000)
Tessa Cr (749999)
Flavio Cr (770000)
Ndololo Cr (799999)
Aldebaran Cr (810000)
Berserkgirl Cr (900000)
Armanda Cr (900000)
Rass Cr (937037)
Dragan Cr (950000)

I will update the values on this thread if there are any significant changes. Feel free to PM or post here.


I wanted 150 total and already had a few. That is the highest number of the same card you can sell or auction all at once. Now, I just need 99 more.

Got what I want thanks everyone smiley
Closing, but if anyone has a lizbeth they wanna trade for 0xp spyke plus any cards listed pm me

I'll close this subject tomorrow. if you interested in trading cards or paying 380000 clintz for Kerozinn Cr, pm me as soon as possible. i'll put my Kerozinn Cr on the market, if no one is interested trading me the cards i want or pays 380000 clintz for Kerozinn Cr.smiley

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