saturday 09/03/2013

I'm looking to add Vickie Cr, Elya Cr, Tessa Cr, Miss Twice Cr to my collection. i'm willing to trade Marina, Tsubame, 2 Kawamashi, Kalindra, Shaakarti, Dalhia Cr, Rhed Cr, Lin Xia, Kreen Cr, Veenyle Cr, Aurora, Kerry, Mona, Virginia, Uranus, Petra, Chiara Cr, and Oraya for Vickie Cr, Elya Cr, Miss Twice Cr, or Tessa Cr. If you are trading your Elya Cr or Miss Twice Cr for these cards, I want the rest in clintz according to market value of all the cards mentioned. As For Vickie cr or Tessa Cr, I can add a few more cards to make it fair to you. PM me if you're interested.smileysmileysmiley

30 Beeboy for 470k
And 100 Flinch for 40k
all for 500k! smiley
Price Negotiable

Add 1 lamar + ,

i havent splata

now have 2 lamar

PM me with offers for faster answers

Title says all, market is 983 clintz ea
Package will be 12k
Message if interested thanks!

My Cards :

- Copper
- Hawk
- Melvin
- Coby
- Virginia
- Uranus
- Sigma
- Stella
- GraksmxxT
- Chiara Cr
- Ghumbo
- Qubik
- Haze
- Peeler
- Taham
- Romana
- Eebiza
- Gil
Total : 295k

For this cards :
- Tanaereva Cr
- Daddy Jones
- Lulabee
- Oraya
- Serena
- Hikiyousan
Total : 290k

If You interesed PM Me smiley

Thx Mod's smiley

Tanaereva cr along with the 70k clintz is gone.
Got kreen cr, sylth, cortez, spyke, bragh, chill, ongh, troompah, askai, zornado, niva, nyema, eduardo, greow, askai & scopica.

Looking for the other berzerk and jungo.

If we trade 2 cards, a little gift for you smiley

another day of search smiley

Sell/Tradde lyse teria cr at market price, now 7,2 M. I accept cash or cash and cards

No lot of cards,
Contact me in private.


No thanks, if you negotiate with other players Flavio Cr Ndololo hope response .

My 2 Tanaereva cr 0 hp 1 tanaereva cr full hp & caelus cr 0 hp too u Dragan cr + compliment

I'll buy him 600 each. just sell it to my ps.

Okay, wanting to start a new deck and I need some things.
Since I don't really play a few of these clans anymore and I'd rather play with cards than hoard them... What better way than a trade?

Prices are nearest rounded market value at the time of this. All of mine are max levels, comes with me playing with the cards. smiley


Gil- 11.6k
Rowdy- 11.8k
Jane Ramba- 31.3k
Noodile- 13.4k

Charlie- 41k
Lucy- 3k
Clover- 6.6k
Haaken- 3.4k
Stompah- 16.5k
Annuqa- 2.9k

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Looking to buy tanman. I have clintz and several cr's i will trade. Please send me a private message if you are interested

0xp sylth gone

I sell or trade my kawamashi cr 4 0 xp (6,7) 5 full exp (6,5)...Offert in pv.

Thank's Mod

friday 08/03/2013

Still looking

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