sunday 06/01/2013

Hi, i trade my kerozinn cr full xp + 2 caelus cr full xp and 131 000 cash vs vickie cr full xp and tanaereva cr full xp
thx at mods to accept this subject

I'm looking the possibility to trade these cards with a Caelus cr smiley
if anyone interested, feel free to start the secure trade and do pm me smiley
thanks in advanced smiley

I can spend 30,000clintz tops for these cards, so please help me out, I need these cards, pm me as soon as possible, I can also do 15,000clintz per10 copies of a card, either Melanie or Norman. smiley

Diyo cr is bought, I add a Tanaereva cr, 240k
I do a little discount if you take more than one cr smiley

Still looking I will accept cards for the comp

I would like a tanaereva cr. I'm willing to trade some thorpahs and naele. I have 14 Naele and 12 thorpah. We can negotiate a deal if you would like smiley

saturday 05/01/2013

Ill give clan staples just pm me

180/each in Clintz?

Hello everyone,
I'like to exchange my Lao Cr (900.000). make your offer per message, please or
against these following cards:
Lin Xia 25.000
Vermyn N 26.000
Bogdan 27.000
Shaarkarti 28.500
Emeth: 29.000
Yayoi 32.000
Sylth 32.000
Copper 40.000
Karrion 46.000
Kolos 51.000
Charlie 55.000
Lizbeth 61.000
Dregn 62.000
x-odus 63.000
Tsubame 71.000
Cortez 71.000
Kalindra: 77.000
Blaaster Cr 92.000
888.500+10.000 clinz=898.500

Hello everyone smiley

I'd like to trade my guru 0xp vs a guru full + 20k in clintz or cards, as you prefer.

i wait for your offerts here or via PM

Thx smiley

Looking for kalindra and im looking for gheist and junkz but i will accept any offer so just let me know what you have

750k CASH for your shawoman smiley

friday 04/01/2013

The value of ombre cr one week ago was 350 smiley .... if you want make an offer i can't see every minute the market. write only if you are interested please.. thanks for your correction


No takers smiley smiley?

Come on guys!

8 Marco cr = 100 Nellie

Naginata 10Pcs: 9500 Clintz each
Isatis 90 Pcs: 3200 Clintz each
Ray 10 Pcs: 13000 Clintz each
Looking for Clintz and Cards
Cards i want: BULKS of this
Eliska 1100 Clintz Each
Thorpah 10500 Each
Nellie 4100 each
Lady 20000 each
Boghdan 28000 each
Qubik 6600 each
Fuzz 3500 each
Radek 800 each
Oxen 3100 each
Ruby 5800 each
ALL Prices are Negotiable smiley

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