friday 04/01/2013

So im looking for raeth ad sting for the most part but will entertain trades for piranas, sakrohm, all stars, la junta

what i got to trade

Cutey 1*
Eadh 1*
Vince 2* or 4*
Methane 1*
Anakrohm 1*
Deadeye 1* (2)
Katan 1*
Chiro 1

i know its not much but hey a trade is a trade smiley

Thanks,ninja,but I'm not interested in kati.

Trade my Tanaereva Cr for Hriger bulks guys, market prices

PM for faster response

Thanks mods

Got for 560 thankyou mods

thursday 03/01/2013

That comp may be a bit high, just PM with offers smiley

Hello I'd like to trade Lizbeth and Ahkab for Dregn and Dagg.
I will offer 6-8k as a compliment. smiley

also a bit low price cards like spyke,Uranus,marina,etc.
All offers are welcomed. Thanks.

No longer need Kalindra, Lizbeth is priority. smiley

Or 600K in Clintz smiley

I need 10 0xp copies of Melanie and Norman, plz compromise with me first before putting them in my private sales, thankyou smiley

My Hikiyousan 0xp for Hikiyousan full xp +4k
Thanks mods

All offers are welcome smiley

Price value of guru?

Rowdy 2* Ray 0xp and 2x Bragh are left

Still available smiley

wednesday 02/01/2013

Topic can be closed. Thanks.

Contact me for updated prices smiley

Lol. Darling you should be the one adding comp

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