friday 08/03/2013

500 left send offers

Still available. Also I want to exchange Nahi Cr full xp.
Also I'm looking for Numar, Tsubame, Elya Cr, Sigmund Cr, Aldebaran Cr, Armanda Cr, Berserkgirl Cr, Rass Cr, NDololo Cr, Flavio Cr.

Trading splata cr for ether tessa cr or lamar cr can make up difference with other cards

I am looking to trade my Tan man cr (Value 195k) for a bulk of Diana. PM offers

Thanks, mods.

thursday 07/03/2013


I sell lyse teria cr for 7 000 000 Clintz

Thanks at all and a good UR

négociation possible

Hi everyone smiley

I want to trade my tanaereva cr full. 195 000 clintz on the market (actually).

I want to trade him for some of these cards. The total price must be equal to tanaereva. I put more cards for you to chose between them wich ones give me.

Gheist -> I'm really interested in them:

Lin Xia, Leviatonn, Toro, Wardom, XU52, Methane, Z3ro D34d, Anibal

Another cards that I am interested to trade:

Piranas: Selma Bloodh Hawkins Scubb

Montana: Mona Don Fabio Oscar Desmond Gianfranco

Freaks: Olga Bodgan Grudj Baldovino Cassandra, Rhyno

La junta: Emeth Ray Bryan Trish

Skeelz: Praxie Jay Tomas Aylem Dr Falkenstein Greem Belgosi

Nightmare: Oshitsune Ghumbo Nistarok

Bangers: Beeboy Shogunn Shann

Junkz: Haze Fuzz eebiza

Uppers: Herman Nellie Oxen Wendel

Also Im interested in cash (no more than 40 000 clintz)


I DONT want:

- Crs
- Lots of cards of the same character (only 1 card per character)
- Cards that I hadn`t said (For example: I dont want Roplh because I didn`t say I want Rolph)


Every market price will be reviewed at the moment of the offert (I want to make a equal trade) (Including my tanaereva)

I have 30 000 clintz if is somebody who surpass the 195000 clintz tanaereva is worth.

I listen to every (reasonable) offerts smiley

Sorry for my bad english smiley

Hi everybody,
i'm going to sell or trade 73 Kawamashi so divided:
19 Kawamashi full
20 Kawamashi 2nd evo
34 Kawamashi 0 exp

The bulk is indivisible. For any offer, contact me via pm.

Thanks mod & fo smiley

I sell for 580k cash in PV
i can trade for playable cr
no bulks

if you have a marlysa cr i can add a tessa cr smiley

Trading or selling 34 beeboy full xp .. current market Price. PM me for negotiations.

thanks mods smiley

Sell/Trade Marlysa cr 0 xp for 1.2m

Searching for:
Playable CRs

Contact me in pm.

Thanks mods!

1.2m cards/cards + clintz
1.1m only clintz

Close thank smiley

Hello there, I trade jane Ramba cr 2* 0xp for a full one and 5k.

pm me if interested. smiley

thanks mod and fo smiley

Nobody have money? jajajajajaja

I will pay 195,000 ctz for a 0xp tan man, plz secure trade immediately smiley

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wednesday 06/03/2013

My marlysa oxp for your marlysa full +10k

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