friday 08/02/2013

I sell my miss twice cr 0xp as mentioned above for 230k

Agree preferably cash smiley
But I can be interested also to other requests:
Yes cr and card on the 10k upward
no new blood.

Thanks mod and fo smiley

I would like to sell my cealus for 115k , not lower
pm me for a faster response
thanks in advance

Remain 40 carter 0 hp smiley

MP , MP , MP

I value each at 350 just throw 50 of your 0xp Quasichoco in secure trade and I will give u 18,000 clintz smiley

According to current minimum market prices I want 200k in cards or clintz as a complement, This complement is negotiable and it can change with evolution in market prices.

PM me if interested.

I sell 22 Hriger 0xp to 100.000 clintz total.

6 Kalindra 0xp to 500.000 clintz total.

thank you mod

I sell 25 thorpah 0xp to 300.000 clintz total.

thank you mod


I offer you Kenny Cr 0 xp (50K) + Selina 0 xp (3.5K) + 3500 clintz

i am looking for your Blaaster 0 xp smiley
I think it's a good deal for you !

Secure trade !
THX MoD smiley

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thursday 07/02/2013

Hello all, I am searching for Lyse Teria Cr or Guru Cr.

I offer for Guru Cr: 120 Marco 0xp, 14 Alec Cr 0xp, and Vickie Cr 0xp

For Lyse Teria Cr: 120 Marco 0xp, 14 Alec Cr 0xp, Vickie Cr 0xp. and 200k in cards

PM if interested, thank you

1 Cortez, 1 Smokey Cr, and 4 Rolph are gone.

Remaining cards left to trade/sell:
7 Cortez 0xp @ 73k/card
25 Elvis 0xp @ 11k/card
1 Smokey Cr 0xp @ 60k/card

Anyone interested?it dont need to be this cards only

I trade my general 0xp for a general cr full xp + complement

I may accept other offers if they are good enough

wednesday 06/02/2013

Romana gone, Angelo gone.

Still need Greow and looking for a Shakra. smiley

Gone. thanks mods

Looking for vickie cr , lamar cr , kerozinn cr , splata cr , marlysa cr . I am open to all offers and willing to negotiate. Value of your cards is to be at the same standard as mine. Do not up your value and down mine. If yours is up than so is mine. Serious offers only

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