monday 25/03/2013

Desperate need for a Mokra asap, if you have one and are willing to trade for it, please message me
Can trade with:
a) Cards
b) Clintz (up to 24k) + cards

Buy splata cr for 395000

sunday 24/03/2013

If interested, or if you have another reasonable price in mind, feel free to PM me.
Currently, I am interested in selling the whole lot at once.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
It are 83 Stanlys. NOT 84.
83 Stanlys

Hi everyone,

I am looking to sell 8 Chiara Cr for roughly market price - 17,900 - though I am open to negotiation, and I'll be more eager to cut a deal for people buying larger amounts of cards.

All cards are on the market as well. If you aren't looking for a deal, you can buy them there.

I don't want card trades.

Thank you, and thanks mods for approving smiley

I want 40k complement thank you

1 x 1 bro smiley

Still available.

I want 30 copies of Kati. I offer 1700 per unit. Place them in my private sales if interested.

Me caelus 0xp for your full xp + compliment , just a make a offer i want very little compliment smiley

saturday 23/03/2013

I will buy all 0xp Virginia for 30,000 clintz. Simply place them in my private sales.

Thank you!

Trading my alberan cr 0xp (739k on market 0xp one 998k on market) which I value at 740k for dragan cr any level (worth 729k) i also want a 10k complement

Full DJ Korr Cr is at 10.5 mil on the mkt right now.

I feel sorry for you. I.did the same thing. (Not sunder but other commons)

Looking for 4500 each for full exp.

for 0exp i want 5000.

trading for other crs

Sum Sam going home?¿

Hi, i would like to trade my Beltran Cr 0xp (currently 177k on the market) for some cards (Mona/Kolos/X-0DUS/Lizbeth/Blaaster Cr/Ongh) + cash

if you are interested, send me please your offer

Exchange these two fantastic Cr for its full completion more than 20,000 each, payable in cards or cash.

Thanks mod. and fo.


I sell 400 Radek Full (500 Clintz each); 400 Boohma 0 Exp (250 Clintz each); 350 Borss 0Exp (180 Clintz each) I would accept cards like Hakunak, Titsouk too. Only Frozn please.

Thanks Staff and a good UR to all smiley

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