wednesday 02/01/2013

Hi all

trade my 150 carter FULL for about 2250clinz/each

I'm looking Hi all

trade/sell my General Cr 0xp for about 11M200k

I'm looking and accept:
All Cr : ombre Cr Cassio Cr terry Cr chikko Cr noodile Cr seisya Cr jackie Cr and iter
Card of 5K in up : methane saki naele clover Olga uranus Copper kolos and other

Offers can be sent my pm if you want but please be sensible I won't sell him for stupidly low amounts

Thanks mods.smiley

tuesday 01/01/2013

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Still looking !

Kalindra for 73k pm me if interested smiley

I'll be needing 5 lizbeth. so that's 350k total

I have high and non-cr's like ongh, kolos, graks, charlie, cortez, kalindra all at 0 exp except for kalindra. i also have bulks of chiara cr, karrion and spyke all 0 exp.

Just bumping as this offer is still on smiley

I'm trading my 0xp Thorpah to Bryan , Gatline and Nahomi (fullxp or not)

i also have
15 0xp Bertha (350ea) 5250 total
6 0xp Milena (450ea) 2700 total
1 0xp Mindy 1500

i'm looking for some staples of Fang pi Clang, La Junta or Junkz

Heitachi , Kusuri , Linda , Zhu Thang , Nekurenbo , Zinfrid
Tremorh , Gibson , Jiro , Qubik
Isatis , Burger , Chiro , Thormund , Wardog

open for other offers just pm me...

thnx mods smiley

I value a virgin Hax for 22k. So I want a full Hax from your collection and 2k in advance.

Thanks, people who approve these things and have to be mentionedsmiley

Hi! I would like to trade my:

> Dalhia Cr 0exp (75k)
> Chiara Cr 0exp (25k)

For your:

> Kreen Cr (any exp - 58k)
> Sylth (any exp - 34k)
> Nyema (any exp - 5k)

PM for any negotiations or fluctuations in the market! Thanks Mods smiley

Regards Psychronic smiley

79 Yoshida 0xp ?

Just like the title says I am looking to trade for no more than 10 Lady (0 exp or full), and here is what I have to offer:

- 4 Saki (0 exp)
- 2 Beef (0 exp)
- 2 Elvis (0 exp)
- 1 Spyke (full)
- 1 Thorpah (0 exp)
- 2 Uchtul (0 exp)
- 3 Kazayan (0 exp)
- 2 Naele (0 exp)

I have other cards and you can check this link out to see the other cards. I might also have more, just ask, and also use market value to get a value for all the cards. Thx mods.

Looking for a kenny cr or a kolos please pm me

monday 31/12/2012

Buying all 0xp thorpah for 12.5k clintz ea

put them into my private sale smiley7

thx mods

All values are done at current time of post. I an ONLY looking for blaaster cr smiley

Marco cr valued at 50k (0 exp at 52k)
Blaaster cr valued at 95k (0 exp at 98k)

I have 8 marco crs at full (2 at 0 exp).

My 2 Marco crs for your 1 blaaster + additional clintz .

The addition clintz can change depending on if Marco or Blaaster is 0 exp or not.

Pm me or secure trade me if we have a deal.

Thanks Moderators.smiley

I sent 3 pm to this player. He doesn't answer, and he doesn't send me karrion.
This is not the way of doing business.
I won't trade with him again.

55 yoshida 0xp for 1 copie

I will add clintz to my offer according to market fluctuation.

Therefore offer is negotiable.

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