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tuesday 07/05/2013

Please close. Thanks

Trading my marlysa cr 0xp for marlysa cr full + comp

pm me

Valuto uranus full 26k l'uno
Posso offrire:
1m 794k cash per 69 uranus full
5 beeboy 0xp 12k l'uno
3 yayoi 0xp 26k l'uno

I value uranus full 26k each
I can offer:
1m 794k cash for 69 uranus full
5 beeboy 0xp 12k each
3 yayoi 0xp 26k each

No more have slyth cr but i have
2 greow 0xp
5 psylo
2 niva
2 pegh
1 nyema
1 bragh
1 chill

no more need emeth , naginata , ray

also looking for ed 12 now

I have to sell or trade (prefer trade) 1500 copies Kristin 3 lvl 0xp!!

I want for it 750k cash or trade for cr/other cards

PM me smiley

Legend.........Dairy. Price

Still searching!

monday 06/05/2013

Want to sell 60 palmer at max lvl for 48k or highest bidding.

I buy stompah 0xp for 5400 clintz in private sales

Well i guess level 4 and full Xp are the same thing. smiley

[Sell/Trade] Jackie Cr, pm me if interested.

Exchange a GraksmxxT 0XP for one full complement more!
Offers in private message! Thank you!



Tanaereva Cr
Wee Lee


Please ignore Ambre and Nistarok, I'd like to keep them.

The 7 characters will cost 301k, or an equivalent offer.

I'm looking for vortex, or playable cr's (Nahi Cr and Beltran included)

He does value guru 8 but kiki evaluation is waaay to high he's more like 9.8m-10m

Trade my splata cr for your 10 tsubame

Splata cr for anything? avelue my splata in 450k, i trade my card for your cards in this value

@ BTA John: I dont value 0xp any higher than full so I don't think your lots will be worth as much as elsewhere. Approx 6m-6.5m

@Extreme Thing: Thank you for the offer. Might accept it if nothing else comes up.

Thanks guys, I got a couple more. I think I'm good. http://i.imgur.com/bNn90mY.png

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