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sunday 02/02/2014

Buying all noland 0xp 1.5k in my ps
kamekun 1550 in my ps

So which cards do you want? i pretty much have all of them

Thanks Staff

saturday 01/02/2014

@Thoazool, nope I stated that I want him to be cr, I didnt claim he would be cr xD

@Run So youll trade an El Matador for a Hawkins?


Je souhaite échanger mes 240 Diana 0 xp que j'estime à 10k/tete.

Pour cela, je recherche en échange:
- Clintz (+2.5%)
- Beaucoup Jackie Cr (154k/160k)
- Seulement besoin d'une Lamar Cr (485k/500k)
- Seulement besoin d'une Jim Cr (180/185k)
- Seulement besoin d'une Selsya Cr 0 xp (200k)

Moyen de transaction: ES
A vos offres.

More specific:
2 Noctezumas
and rest of them huracans with no doubles

A deal is done, Thank you to all who made offers smiley

I recherche lot of odile 0xp 550/e and JALIL 0xp 750/e IN PV


I buy your Bodenpower 0 Xp at 12 k each direct in my private sales .

I can trade my cards for you Bodenpower 0 Xp.
I have :

- 283 Quasichoco 0 Xp ( 700 / each )
- 199 Thormund full ( 2.2 k / each )
- 30 El Matador 0 Xp ( 13 k / each )

I search only Bodenpower 0xp, no cash .

Found vickie cr

over and out smiley

If you are also accepting clintz, please specify the price that you want to sell it for.
Please write which cards you are interested in smiley

Ongh 0exp
for any Lizbeth

PM to me

friday 31/01/2014

Looking for Ombre Cr 0xp

I can offer Miss Twice Cr full and can cover the cost.

Thank you smiley

Marlysa cr 0exp -> manon cr 0exp + compliment?

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