saturday 29/12/2012

This thread is 8 months old. I doubt the deal would still apply.

There aren't any cards I specifically want, I will consider any trades as long as their price difference isn't too big market value wise, if you want to trade for a higher value than market value just PM me the reason why

Title says it all
pm for exchange


I think the prices are reasonable since they are undeveloped.
Feel free to contact me if you're interested in buying and would like to negotiate the price.

Thank you.

friday 28/12/2012

What no one needs Ulu Watu? smiley

Also got a Thorpah to trade

Vickei + blasster for your Tessa

Traded. Closed, thanks everyone smiley

Im looking for a Kolos or Kenny Cr my offer is an Edd Cr and a Chiara Cr and will be happy to negotiate

Ok for one splata CR vs caelus CR caelus CR it is my

Done, you can close!
Thx! smiley

I cannot buy her using clintz so i prefer to trade with other cards.

I want to sell my vickie for 600k or ttade her for high value cards like kalindra,kolos,cortez,etc.


Can I get a stanly

Trade is now down. Lock please?

Hi guys, I want to trade my Elya Cr full + (30k-50k) for a Splata Cr full, or Vickie cr full or lamar cr full.
I can add cards or clntz.
PM me when you´re interested or if you want to negotiate.

Thanks to mod and FO and many thanks to GULLA RW for his help.

PM me if you are interested. Thank you

You are right, i guess my calculator messed up and i copied the incorrect number

so i'll state right here that yes my offer is Vickie Cr + Marco Cr + 51600 Clintz

final offer refers to the agreement we will come to if you decide to trade, meaning that you can negotiate with me, such as i dont have enough clints or whatnot

dont be picky on words, i find my offer pretty easy to understand, but sorry if it is too confusing

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Still available

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