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monday 08/04/2013

- shawoman cr 0 exp + 19 marco cr full smiley

sunday 07/04/2013

Hello iam trading some of my 0xp cards for full + complement

My Jackie cr 0xp for your jackie cr full + 7k
My caelus cr 0xp for your caelus full + 5k

pm me for faster response.

The title says it all. I'd prefer to buy jim for 200-205k, and beltran for 175-185k. Pm me your offers (as I probably won't pay too much attention to this topic).

25 jay 0xp
14899 each or 372k for the whole lot
I accept cash, cards (10k+), and playable crs can negotiate

Lol plenty of people have kiki i got mine at level 50 somethin so he might have one and if he does i'm intrested smiley

Oops, didn't realise this was a 'buy'

My bad, shows my tiredness smiley

Miss Twice cr?

I got Miss Twice and I'm not interested in so many Chiaras or Marlysa


I'm looking for dalhia cr for 36k,please pm me if you willing to sell me smiley

Interested for 1 vickie cr 0xp?

saturday 06/04/2013

Staff should go back to the old 'Review before posting' thing, message boards here get flooded pretty quickly.

Anyway, 188k is the price now, please do make your offers.

For offerts contact me by mp smiley

5 caelus 0xp for all?

Thanks for your offers, I have already done it

Im not interested, sorry

Trade Miss Twice Cr -200000ctz
Cassio Cr-91000ctz
looking for

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