tuesday 26/02/2013

I now have 70k in ctz in addition to those cards.

[BUY] + title
Write the name of the card/s you want to buy.
Tell the price you want to buy it : only with clintz, it’s not an exchange.

monday 25/02/2013

7 chiara cr 0exp for 1 Jackie Cr 0exp or
6 Chiara cr 0exp for 1 caelus cr 0exp or
23 chiara cr 0exp for 1 vickie cr 0exp

I buy Eliska 1*, 2* y 3* 0xp for the price of de 400 cltz directly to my Private Sells !!!!!!

Hello, I am looking for the full version + a small compliment mentioned below, these are the cards I have at 0xp :

Lizbeth (3k compliment)
Ongh (2.5k compliment)
Charlie (2.5k compliment)
Hawk (1k compliment)

PM me for a faster response.

Thanks Mods.

edited by Infiniti monday 25/02/2013, 18:58

Caelus cr 0exp + chiara cr 0exp -> jackie cr 0exp?

Anyone interested please pm me . .

I m looking for Kerozinn Cr + clintz

pm or write here if interested. smiley

Please use the Strategy & Tactics: General forum smiley

Still looking for a Splata Cr full + clintz to my Splata cr 0xp
and same for my miss twice Cr 0xp


Also selling/trading:

1 GraksmxxT 0xp -- 55k

150 Melinda full xp -- 850/card

Hi, people
I'm interested in buy this cards:

- Quasichoco 0xp --> 325/u
- Tina 0xp --> 350/u

I buy lots of them
Put all in my VP (Private Sales)

Add another:

Lola (0xp) - 3 total
Sah Brinak (0x) - 2 total

Can also swap a TanMan 0xp for TanMan full and the difference can be thrown into the deal

PM me or just trade me directly.

Looking for Taylor Lola Norman and Beef!!!!

sunday 24/02/2013

Lao Cr for 695 000 Clintz.

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