wednesday 13/03/2013

My Vortex cards:

Your Card:
Tsubame + 20K


Lizbeth + 19K

Hurry Up my cards are on the market....... smiley

Thanks Mods

Good morning
i have 100 ulrich 0xp 2.1k each
indivisible lot

sell or exchange for playable cr
secure trade

thanks to all

Trading kalindra for lin xia lady charlie pm me

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Somebody help me please. I value this cards depending on the lowest market price atm. i'm flexible with offers, i just don't like to loose clintz in tax, so i really wanna trade. thanks.smiley

Still got 100 Klawz left if anyone is intrested

tuesday 12/03/2013

Hello i have to offer a 0 xp general cr, i search guru cr and 1 millon in cash or the next list of cardS:

Melissa cr
Jackie Cr
Caelus Cr
Taanavera cr

and 50k in cash

Sold, close please. Thanks smiley

Hi, I want to trade my Manon Cr 0xp for your Marlysa Cr + 100k Clintz or Cards

Pm me for fast response or negotiations.


I wish selling my Crs and cars for General cr (9M) or guru cr (8M) or kiki cr (9,5M)

For this cards, i propose:

- 115 Flanagan 0xp
- 50 Tremorh 0xp
- 50 Gaia 0xp
- 30 Muze 0xp
- 20 Oyoh 0xp
- 20 Hawk 0xp
- 10 Lulabee 0xp
- 10 Nanook 0xp
- 10 Petra 0xp
- 10 Chloe 0xp
- 10 Yayoi 0xp
- 10 vermyn 0xp
- 10 Gabrielle 0xp
- 10 Murray 0xp
- 10 Wee Lee 0xp
- 10 Spiaghi 0xp
- 10 Juicy Lord 0xp
- 10 Don 0xp
- 10 Melvin 0xp
- 10 Ulrich 0xp
- 10 Loccio 0xp
- 10 Arno 0xp
- 10 Graff 0xp
- 10 Ottavia 0xp
- 10 Oxen 0xp
- 2 GraksmxxT 0xp
- Sum Sam Cr 0xp
- Manon Cr 0xp
- Marlysa Cr 0xp
- Dragan Cr 0xp
- Splata Cr full xp
- Ambrose Cr 0xp
- Kerozinn Cr full xp
- Manon Cr full xp
- Dalhia Cr full xp
- Swidz Cr full xp
- Tanaereva Cr full xp
- 3 Kenny Cr 0xp
- 200k cash

Offer value: 10,4M

Moyen de transaction: ES.

For dj korr full + 500 .000 clintz

Lamar 0xp sold
i have only 1 lamar cr full

As the title says i have 2x Chiara cr im willing to exchange them for a sylth cr
pm me your offers.

My 2nd offer is to offer you my sylth cr 0xp +20k for your lizbeth !

pm for offers

I sell Dragan cr 0xp for cash or cash and cards, 760k negotiable.
No bulks.
Trade by secure trade.

Thanks mod! smiley

Also vickie has gone

Thanks smiley

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